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Thread: Wilbar - quality question

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    Wilbar - quality question

    New to TFP.

    So i am in the market for my first pool. Looking for a 24' AGP. leaning towards the Sharkline Tahitian. As i research getting confused with the Wilbar brand. Seems as though they make almost half of the pools out there. Does anyone know where i can see how the various name brands match up in quality? Are some of the brands lower quality than others? Is Sharkline a good brand? There isn't much out on the net to help clarify this.

    Thanks for your help on this, i like to know i am getting quality and have found pool dealers are like car dealers. The pick up on what you are looking at and it is all of a sudden the best thing out there.



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    Re: Wilbar - quality question

    I just bought a 24' Tahitian, on the box it came in it said Wilbar "Escalade", it looks like good quality, but I'll know more once it's setup in a month.
    24' round x 54" Tahitian (Sharkline), 1.5HP Sta-rite Pump, 22" 250lb. sand filter with Zeo-best media, Hayward H250FDN heater, Del Clear Ozonator, SWG or Rola-Chem feeder, not sure?, Trident Automatic Pool Cleaner, 100Watt Nightlighter, Underwater light show and fountain, 2" Hard Plumbed.
    Wishin Isa Swimmin!

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    Re: Wilbar - quality question

    They bought out Delair Group and have recently overhauled their line. Wilbar is a great company.

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    Re: Wilbar - quality question

    They (Wilbar) seem to buy out a lot of pool names. Is there any order to what quality the products for various pool names that fall under Wilbar are?

    Is Sharkline better than Vouge, Atlantic, Garden Leisure or any of the other many names they own? Is their an order like Toyota and Lexus?

    Sure wish there was a buying guide. I talked to local pool places and they say stay clear of resin top rails, the on line guys are telling me they are a big upgrade and are better. One says they like Garden Leisure, another sells only Vouge, the on line store is pushing Sharkline as top of the line.

    Pumps/Filters have good comparisons various companies seem to have better reputations than others. I can do the research for advantages of DE over Sand or visa versa. (going to go with a Hayward EC50C93S DE filter) But when it comes to who manufactures the actual pools I am not finding any good advice. The Tahitian by Sharkline sounds good, heavy steel walls, aluminum base, resin top rails, SS service panel and a 60yr warranty. That all sounds great, but every other brochure sounds the same. Everybody's pool is the best...."Bull !@#$" I am sure my neighbors Lexus is nicer than my Toyota, and both brochures at the dealership will make them sound pretty good. (maybe a bad analogy since both are pretty reliable cars..maybe Lexus to a GEO Tracker)

    I just don't want to get this thing set up and realize i could have done better.

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