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Thread: POOLVERGNUEGEN Return Side Pressure PoolCleaner 4x wheelie

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    POOLVERGNUEGEN Return Side Pressure PoolCleaner 4x wheelie


    I am the new owner of POOLVERGNUEGEN Return Side Pressure PoolCleaner 4x. I set it up exactly like the directions said. At this point I cannot keep the front wheels on the pool bottom as the cleaner is moving forward.

    I have the RPM's set at 13.5 and I have adjusted the distance of the bag hook float everywhere between 10 and 30 inches without success. If I take the bag completely off, it will operate as it should.

    Does anyone have any ideas to try?

    Thank you.

    My pool is a gunite irregular shaped 20 by 36 sport pool. 4 feet deep on each side and 6.5 in the middle.
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    Re: POOLVERGNUEGEN Return Side Pressure PoolCleaner 4x wheel

    Can you fix a small weight on the front of it somehow? Removable of course.
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    Re: POOLVERGNUEGEN Return Side Pressure PoolCleaner 4x wheel

    Welcome to TFP!

    Try changing the position of the floats. Also, see if the rear jet on the cleaner is pointed up slightly to the side correctly.
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    Re: POOLVERGNUEGEN Return Side Pressure PoolCleaner 4x wheel

    Up to 3 ounces of weight on both sides --- as low as possible.

    I used two 1 ounce weights attached to the front grill (bottom front) on each side ( as of today). I am holding the weights on using white plastic wire ties (flexi-cuffs). I did not want to use screws to hold the weights in place. Duct tape would fall off over time.

    I have a Fiberglas pool and the pressure cleaner was doing wheelies before I added the weights. This problem is fixed.

    Now if I could just get it to climb the Fiberglas walls. I have placed tape tires on the front and left the blue tires on the back. I hate to pay another $60 for a second set of tape tires for the rear.

    I also have two ping pong balls in the bag to help hold it up since the sliding float with a hook always looses the bag rope.
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    Re: POOLVERGNUEGEN Return Side Pressure PoolCleaner 4x wheel

    I have been dealing with the same problem. I have been in contact with the company several times. They claim the problem is probably air bubbles in the return line that get trapped by the fine weave of the bag and increase the buoyancy. I do not see any air bubbles but the unit works fine without the bag. I believe the force of the water at the head unit into the bag may also be raising up the cleaner. They recommended adding weights but I could not get it right. I made a bag using fiberglass screening material (used for repairing patio screen doors). This has bigger holes, similar to a leaf rake. Now it stays down fine. Presumably, this is allowing the air bubbles to escape. It collects the leaves, finer material probably gets through. It climbs the wall better but not quite a well as with the bag off.

    Since this seems to be a problem with the cleaner, I think they should have some sort of adjustment. Perhaps a weight kit with compartments to add the weights. I also recommended to them to make a bag with a large mesh available.
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