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Thread: Questions on the 3 estimates I've received

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    Questions on the 3 estimates I've received

    OK, it's been about 3 months since my initail post on my pool. Basically, my wife and I bought the vacant(house demoed due to Katrina) property next door to us and the inground pool had been filled in years ago. I rented an excavator and dug it out. The pool is 22 feet by 12 feet, and is 6 feet deep at the deepest point, about 10,000 gallons according to the pool volume calculator. There are about 4 holes drilled through to prevent it from popping out, and of course the drain the the deep end is busted out as well. I managed to locate the plumbing, the line for the 2 returns and the line for the drain in the deep end are 1 1/2 inch copper, and the line for the skimmer is 1 1/2 inch PVC. The returns and skimmer line are clear(can push water through with a hose), but the deep end drain is not(probably packed with mud/debris from being filled in)The pool is in need of replastering(probably why the previous owners filled it in). Otherwise the flagstone decking is in great shape, and other than one hairline crack(about 4 feet long), the pool appears to be structurally sound. I poured the pad for the pump and filter, and I ran the electric as well(I'm an electrician/Electronic tech by trade), so this is done. I intend to do the plumbing as well if it's too much to pay a company to do this. So I called out 3 different guys and got 3 different opinions and 3 different prices, so I wanted to post the results here and see what you guys(and gals) think:

    Estimate #1 - Wants $2200 to replaster the pool and bust out and replace the drain in the deep end.

    Estimate #2 - Wants $4000 to replaster the pool and the tile ring. Had references and pictures of the work his company has done. He said that because the pool is small that he would recommend saving the money and plastering over the drain in the deep end as he felt the pool would receive adequate circulation, and also said that since we have 2 pine trees near the pool that we would want 100% suction at the skimmer. He said that he could replace the drain and tie in the plumbing and replace the pool light, but those would have to be subcontracted out. He said that I could do it myself and save a lot. Basically cut the copper returns as close to the pool as possible and union to PVC, and run those to the pump/filter.

    Estimate #3 - Hasn't given us a quote yet but talking to him it would be a lot. He mentioned $2500 just to replace the tile ring. He said that we should not plaster over the drain, that we definitely need it. He can replace the drain. He also wants to do the plumbing. Said something about if the pool leaks we could blame him, this way he feels that his butt is covered if it does leak. I can understand this.

    So what do you think. What price would be fair for this work in your best opinion?? Do we NEED the drain in the deep end, as the skimmer is in the middle, and the returns are on either side of the skimmer, about 4-5 feet away. Thanks in advance, and I'll try to get some pictures up shortly!!!

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    Re: Questions on the 3 estimates I've received

    The two numbers you have don't seem that far apart when you take into account the tile ring replacement.

    A lot of people don't have a main drain, either because they never installed one or it's been closed off. However, given the option I'd have one. Simply because it's better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it.

    Wait on the next guys bid and post back all the info on the bids.
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    Re: Questions on the 3 estimates I've received

    OK, here's a pic of the pool(if I did the photobucket thing right!!)

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    Re: Questions on the 3 estimates I've received

    I can't believe that the previous owners filled in such a gem I am not an expert however If this was my pool I would change all plumbing to 2 inch PVC, add the drain, possibly a double drain, and have room on the equipment pad for future extra things like a heat pump and solar. Please continue to post pics of your progress
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    Re: Questions on the 3 estimates I've received

    Having a main drain is certainly nice, but you can also do without one as many people do.

    Getting and checking references is by far the most important thing going on here. Inexpensive work isn't inexpensive anymore if they never finish or do a bad job.

    I don't know what your budget is like, but personally I would go for a complete restoration with as much new plumbing as possible.
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    Re: Questions on the 3 estimates I've received

    So this weekend I was able to replace as much of the copper as possible, and replaced with 1 1/2 PVC. The digging was the hardest part, as we have lots of soft clay here in south Louisiana. Sweating the copper to PVC fittings was easier than expected. Looks like we will be going with the second estimate, as he provided a 3 year guarantee on his plaster/tile work. The thirs guy never sent the estimate to us yet, but he wanted to do all of the work-pump/filter/tile/light/plaster, etc, so it would have been more than we wanted to spend, as I'm trying to do no more than $6K for the entire project. After doing the plumbing, I pressure washed all of the stone work around the pool and it came out really clean. As you can see, we still have a lot of clean up around the pool to do as well. This week we'll get the pump filter ordered, and get it installed, so that we can get the tile/plaster job started. Looks like we're going with the Hayward Max-Flo II 1 HP pump and Hayward 24 inch sand filter. Does this sound like a good choice, as the pool is 10,000 gallons. Anyway, here is a pic of the plumbing work I did, as I know you like pictures!!!!

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