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Thread: Overnight Chlorine Loss with HIGH Chlorine

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    Overnight Chlorine Loss with HIGH Chlorine

    So I wanted to shock my pool to start the season off and misjudged the size of the bleach bottles. I figured I needed 4 96 oz bottles of 6% bleach, and I added 4 182 oz bottles of bleach. Tested my water about 4 hours later (just now) and found that my FC is right around 30 ppm. I don't think that is high enough to cause any damage, and it should go down within a few days to normal levels... but is the overnight FC loss still applicable at that high of a concentration?

    Edit: Nevermind... the trees started dropping pollen today, so I think that I'll be losing FC to pollen. In any case, I also imagine that anything that a proper shocking would eliminate would be taken care of by 30 ppm chlorine and 20 CYA. Think I need to get my CYA up...
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    Re: Overnight Chlorine Loss with HIGH Chlorine

    You aren't the first person to miscalculate chem dosages. Far more have done so than will admit to doing so on a public forum. Ask me how I know.

    Yes, an FC of 30 is high, kills lots of stuff, and isn't going to hurt anything all.

    Yes, it will come down on it's own. No need to help it. If your live oaks are pollinating like mine are, your FC should be back down fairly soon.

    I agree with your needing to raise the CYA suggestion.

    Sounds like you have learned much and are on the right track.

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