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Thread: Time of day to run the pump

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    Time of day to run the pump

    May be a dumb question, but thought I would ask anyway. Since sunlight is the main contributor to chlorine consumption I'm wondering if there is an advantage to running the filter pump during the night. I'm not sure if UV from sunlight penetrates the full depth of the pool or or not. If UV does not penetrate to the bottom of the pool running the filter pump at night might conserve some chlorine by not constantly mixing. Anyone know the answer?
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    Re: Time of day to run the pump

    The time of day to run the pump is a personal preference. Whether the pump runs day or night will not affect the per day run time that is what keeps the water crystal clear. Maintaining the FC at the proper level is not affected by when the pump runs.
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    Re: Time of day to run the pump

    I like running my during the day so when I get home after work I can check and add chemicals right away instead of having to let the water circulate some.
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    Re: Time of day to run the pump

    I run mine early in the morning, in the middle of the day and at night. A total of 8 hours. I run it in the middle of the day because of the oak worms right now.
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    Re: Time of day to run the pump

    When you run the pump doesn't make a significant difference to chlorine consumption, at least with reasonable CYA levels. There are some small differences, but nothing large enough to override any other reason you might have for when to run the pump, like time of day electric rates, or spreading your run time out across the day to increase skimmer efficiency.
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    Re: Time of day to run the pump

    I run my pump on a dual schedule (11AM to 1PM) and again 10PM to 4AM), so most of the pump time is at night. I do this for three reasons.

    1. Where I live, overnight power is cheaper than daytime power. In the summer, they change the rates again so there's an even bigger gap. I end up saving probably $25-30 per month just by doing this.
    2. I find I lose less chlorine this way. My FC levels always stay at a decent range with this pump time configuration and I only have to check them maybe once a week. Not to say I was losing a lot running it in the day, but it's a small difference.
    3. Personal preference. My pool and filter combo puts off a pretty big push and I find my swimmers like the calm of the water with the pump off. Since we use the pool from 5PM to about 8PM every night, it makes sense to run the pump on opposing schedules.
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    Re: Time of day to run the pump

    I alternate 3 schedules currently which appear to work very well in keeping all test numbers in range.

    1. Mo, We, Fr
    ---> From 0700 to 1059 @ 20 GPM / 1300 RPM / 175 Watts
    ---> Macromatic Voltage Control Relay Range Detection 180w pickup and 170w dropoff
    ---> Triggers IntelliChlor IC40 ON @ 20 percent runtime
    ---> Triggers Simpool pH Pump and Sensor ON, monitors and injects acid @ 7.4-7.5 range

    2. Mo, We, Fr
    ---> From 1800 to 2259 @ 15 GPM / 1200 RPM / 165 Watts
    ---> Macromatic Voltage Control Relay keeps IntelliChlor and Simpool pH OFF

    3. Tu, Th, Sa, Su
    ---> Running 24 hours @ day at 850 rpm @ 90 Watts
    ---> Macromatic Voltage Control Relay keeps IntelliChlor and Simpool pH OFF

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    Re: Time of day to run the pump

    For what it's worth, I make sure that mine runs at least two hours after dark in the evening. This gives me an opportunity to add chems in the evening and have them mix well before the pump shuts off for the night.

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    Re: Time of day to run the pump

    I run mine on two different schedules, depending upon the time of year.

    In winter, I split the run time in two and run the pump starting at midnight and then again starting at 6 AM. I do this to help prevent freezing, since we don't close our pool for the winter. The bulk of the pumping is done during the midnight session. During the 6 AM pumping, I'll add any needed chemicals.

    Other times of the year, I again split the run time in two. The first run begins at 4 AM and the second at 2 PM. These times work well for me because the pool is seldom in use during those hours, but is often used right after the pumping is finished. It gives me a nice, clean pool to swim in since whatever leaves may have blown in were just sent into the skimmer basket. It's just personal preference which guided these times.
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