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Thread: Pop goes the filter

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    Pop goes the filter

    So just put in new heat pump (details below) to replace the dinosaur from this post. PB1 came out to do site eval and his only comment was that the filter I had (American Commander 100) may be too small and I may have issues like cavitation or low flow or , so I should consider upgrading to and maybe even put SWG . I said "No, thanks, just the HP".

    PB2 came and did install and, when I asked what he thought about the rest of my setup, he said "the filter may be the next to go". :lay ominous music::

    Once PB2 piped it in, FiL and I did the electric: put together the wiring (2 6-gauge hot + 12-gauge ground) to the existing 50amp box.

    Sunday - awesome! Cranked spa to 105, and it took about 1½ hrs to get there (from 80).
    Monday - great! Just took spa to the low/mid-90s in about 40 minutes. My 2-year-old was just splashing around.
    Tuesday - got home too late, so took a raincheck (son was pouty)
    Today - started it up, did notice that the pump was not quite primed, but it got going after a bit. From 80, took spa to 90+ before getting in. Was enjoying a cool drink when KABLOIEE!

    After turning off the pump (HP was already off due to no flow), I assessed the damage. There was a V shape piece that flew off the front of the filter and was laying 4-5 ft away. The pipe into the filter and the waste pipe had been torn clean off. All other piping seemed to be OK.

    *edit* Neglected to mention: filter PSI was always in the 15-20 range under "normal" operation (pool returns/spa spillover). Always marginally higher when the return was going just to the spa jets. Cartridge last hosed down 1-2 weeks ago, so though I did not check today, it did not seem the needle was too much higher than this range.*edit*

    So, now I have no filter and need a new one. As it may take a few days, I emptied the spa as much as I could with a bucket and put about 2 gal 6% HClO (didn't really test - just enough to get through the next couple of days without circulation w/o a bloom). Now to the questions:

    -Could anything re: the HP install have caused this? Or it was just the filters time to go?
    -What filter should I get? I think the cartridge is better than DE (sounds like that is just a MESS to clean out). From the comments on the board, seems like the choice is to "oversize" the filter. Is there really a difference between the brands (other than price)?
    -Anything else I should do ASAP?

    Thoughts/comments/feedback appreciated!
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    Re: Pop goes the filter

    Bummer Dude! Sometimes things just happen. It's easy for us to think one thing has to do with another but this time it was just the filters time to go.

    Go with the largest filter you can afford and that will fit on your pad. Might be a good time to look at a new pump too.
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    Re: Pop goes the filter

    Sometimes the filters just go, normally you get a crack instead of an complete blow-out, but nothing to abnormal. I'd do a new cartridge filter, the DE is messy even if you use the biodegradable synthetic stuff and it's more maintenance with the multi-port valve. I'd recommend the Pentair Clean and Clear, either 100 or 150 square foot. You'll have to replace the cartridge every 1.5-2 years for about $75 dollars online and that's it. Stay away from the Hayward, they are notorious for having the tightening screw strip from corrosion and pop off, possible damaging your house and equipment.
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