Here's a PM I received today:

Hi, I was wondering if you could assist me with re-assembling my Hayward filter. I have the bump shaft, 2 c clips, 2 washers and 2 o-rings. The shaft itself has 5 slots in it. If possible could you advise which slots the retaining washers and c clips go into and which slots the o-rings use? I took the filter apart a few weeks ago and cannot figure this out even with the diagrams I have found online, something just isn't clicking.

Thanks in advance for any assistance you can provide.

File comment: Pic of shaft
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It's easier to just start a thread on the boards than PM individuals You get more responses and aren't tied to 1 person's suggestions.

Having said that - the pic you sent shows the shaft ~ upside down. Turn it right side up and install 1 'E' clip in the bottom slot and put on 1 washer. Then slide the shaft through the finger/ nest from the tube side(bottom). This will burry the second slot, don't worrry about it Slide the other washer down the shaft. Now comes the hard part - you have to expose the 3rd slot to get the 2nd "E" clip on - the way I deal with this is to put the screw in the hole on top and use that for being able to apply enough lift to expose and install the "E" clip; it takes 2 people, a screwdriver and a hammer to install the clip.

Once the second "E" clip is on, the 2 small o-rings go in the top slots, make sure to lube them with Teflon or silicon based lube. After that, the unit is ready to be reassembled

I see the pic didn't copy for this post, let me try to get it to show up - no guarantees :P