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Thread: Water sample sense.

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    Water sample sense.

    After my first post, I purchased the TF100 and would like your opinion. I will not open my pool until May and wondered if it made sense to get sample results now. Circulation could be achieved by running a submersible pump from the deep end with the water discharged over the shallow end of the pool with a 2" fire hose. My reasoning is that I had algae for the first time prior to closing last September. Found the chlorinator outlet tubing plugged at the discharge fitting while away for two weeks. Was told by Leslie's to expect to drain the pool (due to their sample results shown on 1st post). I would hate to fill the remaining foot to be at the skimmer inlets only to have to drain it after sampling. Suggestions ?
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    Re: Water sample sense.

    Algae is virtually NEVER a reason to drain. Algae can be killed and then controlled with adequate chlorine.

    If you pool currently has visible algae, you could test anytime but the addition of chlorine and perhaps other chemistry would require the use of the main pump and filter to do a good job.

    I would leave it until I was ready to start the pump for the Spring.....should be in just 2-3 weeks in Philly? Hopefully?
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    Re: Water sample sense.

    Yea, I'd just wait but i'd open it up middle of april. Still too cold to get in, but you can get it up and running. I'd rather look at nice blue water than a cover.

    I live in central mass and i'm going to open up April 9th i think.
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    Re: Water sample sense.

    I'd do it, paying special attention to the CYA readings. For one, you had algae. Two, you let Leslie's test it. They're good about telling you to add more stabilizer, but not so good at telling you to stop feeding it pucks.

    If CYA is super high, you have your answer.

    Impatience to test and treat is a symptom of sparklypoolitis, you know. :P
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    Re: Water sample sense.

    The only thing that bothers me about your statement is this part "Found the chlorinator outlet tubing plugged" Using a tablet chlorinator (if that's what it is) might have your CYA high and you could have to drain some of the water to get it down to a reasonable level.

    But, as said above, I'd just wait till I opened it to deal with whatever I needed to do.

    Of course I understand how bad you want to test because you have a brand new TF-100 in your hands and just can't wait to use it.
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