I need advice on how to install insulation in the bottom of my doughboy pool.
I am replacing my existing pool. 24' round with a deep center. ---\___/---
Center is about 2 ft below the rim at the sides.

I want to get about a 1 inch of insulatiuon on the bottom of the pool.
The pool is indoors. I need to keep it up at 90 degrees year round.
Since it is indoors, most of the heat is going out thru the floor.
It cools off too fast even if the room is warm.

I am looking at Happy Bottom pads. They come in 1/4 and 1/2 inch thickness.
I would like to get about a one inch thickness on the bottom of the pool.
Would four layers of 1/4 inch be easier to lay down smoothly than two layers of
1/2 inch pads?
Any body have any experience with installation of these pads on a floor with a
deep end?
Anybody have an alternate way to get insulation on the bottom?

Please advise,