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Thread: weak chlorine followup

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    weak chlorine followup

    Well, I got a weak batch of bleach last month:

    So, when I went back to the pool store I asked a few questions...
    (same pool store that loaded me up on CYA and taught me about CYA the hard way)
    (same pool store that was "correcting" the measurements of FC on there tests, I guess to account for the CYA)

    I don't know the forum etiquette on naming stores so I will omit there name.
    If it is acceptable I wish to post the store name.
    If you live in Melbourne FL and want the name just PM me.

    Here is a transcript of what happened from my perspective.
    Make sure to weigh my bias.
    Memories are not perfect; but it is an accurate representation...

    I came to the counter with a full replacement chlorine jug to purchase...
    me: Are the tanks out back used to fill the chlorine jugs?
    clerk: yes
    me: Is it possible that during the winter months they didn't get filled as often?
    clerk: why
    me: i got a weak batch last time
    clerk: we never had any problems except for two years ago
    me: what was that?
    clerk: ok, we can give your money back.
    me: no, that's not necessary; I want to know what happened last time. Is it possible the chlorine simply sat too long over the winter.
    clerk: whats your phone number?
    me: bah-bah-bah, bah-bah, bah-bah. (supposed to be phone rhythm)
    owner: you can take your business somewhere else. (I guess they see I don't spend a lot of money)
    me: you are willing to loose a customer instead of answering a few simple questions?
    owner: you can shop at any other pool store.
    me: do you have any quality control on you chlorine
    owner: it is monitored using a computer
    me: good, what were the readings
    owner: we don't have them, the chlorine never changes
    me: it is sitting in the sun in a translucent tower of course it changes.
    owner: it was just filled
    me: when was the last time it was filled before that?
    owner: I don't appreciate you questioning our quality.
    me: I just want to know if I can continue buying your chlorine, I want to know what I am putting in my pool.
    owner: you can shop somewhere else

    I took my empty jug back off of the rack, left the full one on the counter and walked out as the clerk (probably the daughter) and the owner smirked and giggled at one another.

    I don't know why it degenerated so quickly, I would have expected the owner to be concerned about a possible quality issue.

    For my part I did not go looking for a debate or altercation, just wanted to understand what happened with the chlorine.
    (Maybe my CYA went back down? that would be great!... nope measured at 90 still...)

    It is either ignorance or maliciousness. (Hanlon's razor)

    Each time I go and get my one jug of chlorine, I see several "joe customers" leaving with 2-3 jugs and their algaecide.
    Just as I was, before I got burned.
    11000ish gallons, cartridge filter, IG (in ground), plaster, 1.5 hp pump, screen enclosure

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    Re: weak chlorine followup

    it would certainly be bad business practise but not unheard of on the part of the business owner. you will have better results with the chain run stores, ie Leslie's where you can escalate any issue to the corporate office. Leslie's would also be almost certain to have full strength chlorine on hand, as opposed to a nonchain storefront.

    FWIW, none of the stores are immune to tactics that increase bottom line sales as I've overheard many times folks being "taken" for unnecessary chemical sales and rather than make an issue within earshot I may politely inquire outside the store about their purchase and then make a couple short suggestions, one of which is to send them to TFP (writing the URL on their phone..) for more details.

    not meant to be OT but if banks can get away without prosecution and steal hundreds of billions why would pool stores be immune when it comes to few hundred per day ?

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