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Thread: Where do I go from here?

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    Where do I go from here?

    This is my first posting and not sure what my first move should be in correcting my water chemistry and possibly going BBB. Some background. Since 1994, I have faithfully kept my chlorinator filled with (10) 3" tabs each week and the results are ph @7.4, alkalinity @110, and chlorine @2 . I add 7 oz of leslies algecide and 4 oz to the pool water. In 1999, I was told water hardness was 680 and told to drain the shallow end and refill. During the 2010 closing in Sept, Leslies test said hardness @200, cya @99, total dissolved solids @1300 but the nitrogen & phosphates were so high that I should expect to drain all water from the pool in 2011 (may). They said my lawn service that fertilizes the lawn is responsible for this. I cover the pool with a solar cover so the pool could warm to 85+ deg weather permitting, and the pool gets full sun all day. Pool use is limited to 2x week since we travel more and spend less time relaxing. Suggestions ???
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    Re: Where do I go from here?

    Welcome to TFP BBB is a nice coinphrase yes, but the method behind our madness has to do with being able to consistently test your own water and know how to adjust it from there

    I would ignore the phosphates/nitrates/tds concern as this is typically a issue only if your pool is not properly chlorinated. Pool store test results are know to vary widely and are often very inaccurate.

    With CYA near 100 your FC is way too low...( i'd target FC of 12ppm if that CYA reading is correct)

    Given your CYA level, if accurate @99, would still suggest a partial drain and fill, but I would confirm it 1st...given you are using pucks to chlorinate it may be even higher Trichlor pucks add CYA and will overstabilize a pool. Liquid chlorine does not.

    My advice:

    1) Get a good drop based test kit... TF100 from or the Taylor K 2006

    you can read more about the kits we recommend here (ps...don't let leslies fool you into buying the DPD kit at the local store...the kits we recommend below, including the leslies rebranded taylor k2006 are usually only sold on-line)


    2) Read Pool School while you are waiting for to kit to arrive (button on upper left of this page)

    3) Once the kit arrives, post up your test results here and we'll help you correct the water chemistry

    My guess is that you'll need to bring down your CYA level via water replacement or reverse osmosis (if avail. in your area)

    But following what's in TFP's Pool School you will save money in the long run and be in control of your water.
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    Re: Where do I go from here?

    I'll just chime in to agree with Dman. Get a good test kit, read pool school, switch from pucks to liquid chlorine or get yourself a good SWCG.

    Oh, and Welcome to TFP!
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