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Thread: Amazing Pool Build

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    Amazing Pool Build

    An old friend just told me this story that I had to share with all of you pool geeks.

    He just built an 80 foot diameter by 20 foot deep above ground pool indoors on an existing 10 inch slab of concrete. It took them 32 days to build the pool and 8 days to balance the chemistry. It was used for 5 days and took another 3 days to demolish and remove it. It had two 50 hp and one 150 hp filtration pumps. Total cost was about $480k.

    The pool was made of welded steel sheets anchored to the floor with steel flanges. The steel plating was 5/8 inch thick at the bottom and graduated to 5/16 at the top. It had two 2x12 foot x2 inch thick acrylic viewing windows. The joint at the base of the wall was sealed with some type of mastic and the floor and walls were painted with some type of coating that could not withstand exposure to chlorine so they used bromine.

    The biggest snafu of the whole project was balancing the water chemistry. They contracted with a local commercial pool service company to have this done and after 5 days of cloudy water and actors complaining about burning eyes, they brought in their own experts. They discovered that the test kits used by the service company to test the bromine were completely inaccurate at the upper levels and what the company thought was 10ppm was actually closer to 50ppm and there was no nuetralizer available. They also found that the calcium(chloride) was only 20 and the aggressive water was oxidizing the steel adding to the cloudy condition. After raising the chloride level to 200 the water snapped into shape in two days.

    note to the Chem Geeks, The chemical reporting of the story could be somewhat flawed but this is how it was told to me.

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    Re: Amazing Pool Build

    I'm just curious as to what it was used for? you said "actors"... (yes i'm being nosey)
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    Re: Amazing Pool Build

    I want to see some photos
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    Re: Amazing Pool Build

    It was used to shoot a scene in the upcoming movie "Journey to the Center of the Earth part 2" . I posted this in the original message but edited it out for fear of violating any proprietary info but have since verified its okay. There are pictures but you will have to wait and see the movie.

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    Re: Amazing Pool Build

    A few more interesting facts:

    The pool was 750k gallons and it took 6 400k btu heaters and 5000 gallons of propane to bring it up to working temperature of 87 degrees. They got about 4 degrees rise per day. Because they were in a mild climate zone the water lines were buried shallow and it was done during a record cold snap, resulting in a start up temp of 48 degrees. This along with local codes requiring the heaters to be placed outside set them back two days in the schedule.

    The pumps, bag filters and piping were all rented from an agricultural supply company. One of the 7 pool companies hired chose to flock the water and then tried to vacuum it through the filters which basically chewed it up and spit right back into the pool. The special affects company realized that they needed to reduce the pressure and ended up turning off the 150hp pump to keep from passing fines through the bag filters. After calculating the new turnover time with only the two 50 hps running it was determined they could not meet the schedule considering the half-life calculation of filtration. So they built a giant squeegee out of chain and visqueen to separate the clean water from the dirty water. They used magnets on the outside of the steel wall to hold the squeegee in place while divers moved the bottom of the sqeegee.

    They had acceptable clarity about 16 hours before the contracted deadline.

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