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Thread: El Wire - Ligthing pool edge

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    El Wire - Ligthing pool edge

    Hi Everyone.

    I tried to search the board but those are tiny words, and the results came out with no expected results.
    I think its also called neon-wire.

    I wanted to ask if anyone has used this for light the pool edges, trees, Christmas lights etc etc.

    el wire = Electroluminescent wire

    Its very low power consumption (0,1w per meter) less than leds, and of course less expensive then leds or fiber.
    Example: You can buy 50 meters for 70€ (inverter included) or 3 meters for 9€.
    It can be cut and wired back again with some skills
    You can choose 9 different colours (one color per wire unfortunately) Some of them can change color from green to blue in same wire.
    and of course...water proof for pools and exterior use

    Its lights at 110V AC but at high frequency and obviously at low current.
    They are sell with diferent source inverters, from 2AA bateries (for clothing), 12V (for car), 230V (for home) to invert it to 110V AC 1Khz.
    A small transformer can light up to 120Meters and 2AA bateries can last up to several hours.

    Anyone using this?
    If so, please post pictures or what do you think about this material!

    It can also be very fancy for carnaval!!! (tron clothing)

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    Re: El Wire - Ligthing pool edge

    As far as I know, you can't use that kind of light anywhere within several feet of the water in the US (at least in areas that have building codes). It might be possible to modify the power supply so it could be approved, but I have never heard of anyone doing so. Getting approval from scratch would be a major undertaking.

    I have no idea what the rules are in Europe.
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    Re: El Wire - Ligthing pool edge

    You can fit kid toys with el wire but not a swimming pool?
    dont know witch is worse

    I guess money talks laughter for people ho makes the rules and take decisions, maybe they didnt realise how electronic works or nobody tried to change those rules.!!

    We are talking about uA...what current could be expected from 2 x AA batteries? It would dry in milisecs or oscilator would also die if a shunt would be made in the 110V side.
    El wire Tubes are made of PVC...i dont think i would see water in in years!
    Now imagine a child with one of those in the mouth...they bite!!!..that could tickle there nose

    Dont know the rules in Europe either...but i guess all countries have restrictions that do not allow voltage to be higher then 56Volts or something near water.

    Im Seriously thinking of using this in pool edge.
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    Re: El Wire - Ligthing pool edge

    So what happened with this? I used EL wire on some of my kids costumes last year and thought the same thing.

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