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Thread: Resurfacing leaky pool soon, can I let water level drop?

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    Resurfacing leaky pool soon, can I let water level drop?

    Summary of This Old Pool:
    - hubby spent a fair amount of work troubleshooting air leak over summer and it seemed like things were under control by the time the weather/water was getting too cool for swimming, and then pool maintenance dropped far down the priority list.

    - started noticing possible water leak over the winter (but with rainfall, it was manageable, we topped the water level off periodically. Now that weather is warming up, not so crazy about having to add at least 3" to the water level every week. Called in pool company to do a bid on leak repair and resurfacing (pool is concrete/plaster that had been resurfaced with fiberglass by previous owner about 10-12 years ago, and fiberglass has been chipping over the past few years)

    - realizing that we still have air incursion issues with pump even when the water level on the skimmer is high enough. so for the past couple days I haven't been running the pump

    So, my question is - if we're going to be draining and resurfacing the pool within the next month or so, will I make things any worse by letting the water level continue to drop and leaving the filter off, or is there a compelling reason to keep the water level topped up and the filter running before we get the resurfacing done?
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    Re: Resurfacing leaky pool soon, can I let water level drop?

    It depends on how low you let it get. Down around the returns isn't going to hurt anything, but if it gets below the level of the ground water you could have shell damage.
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    Re: Resurfacing leaky pool soon, can I let water level drop?

    That may not be the case JohnT. If the water table were to suddenly rise more than a few inches above the water level in the pool, it could create a lifting pressure that the structure may not be able to absorb. Depending on the construction methods employed when it was built, this could result in a cracked shell and or plumbing.

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