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Thread: QDR Skimmer on shasta pool

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    QDR Skimmer on shasta pool

    I'm a new pool owner and have a "QDR Skimmer" on our shasta pool and I'm not sure what it does. There is a separate mesh bag that collects debris in a 2nd skimmer hole, but it can't be removed to get the debris out, so I don't understand the purpose of it. I'm having troubel with the floor cleaners leaving dirt everywhere and I think that might be part of the problem. Anyone have any experience with this?

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    Re: QDR Skimmer on shasta pool

    Turn off the pump, remove the dome lid, pull out and clean the net. Reinstall in reverse.

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    Re: QDR Skimmer on shasta pool

    that's the thing I don't understand is how to get the net out. It has a solid metal rim on the top of it which is under a plastic rim of the same size in the hole. I tried prying it out with a screwdriver which didn't work.

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    Re: QDR Skimmer on shasta pool


    I'm probably the last person that should be offering advice, but mine just comes right out when I grab hold of the metal ring and lift up.

    I found your post when I was searching for information on the QDR valve AND Shasta pools, as I recently bought this house and it has a Shasta pool with this extra skimmer-looking device in the pool deck with some sort of pipe into the side of the pool. Inisde the skimmer-looking device cover is another more water-tight plastic cover and inside that is the mesh bag with metal ring you described above. My mesh bag is pretty calcified, has a hole in it, and is stained with rust from the metal ring. I figured out tonight my QDR valve (which was clearly labled by the previous owner or Shasta itself) controls the water flow to this funny looking skimmer-looking device. I can open the QDR valve and see that water is flowing from a pipe that is plumbed into the top side of the skimmer-looking device, then the water hits the side (not top opening) of the mesh bag and it then flows out the bottom of the skimmer-looking device into the pool through a fitting in the side of the pool. I was wondering if this is a place to add pool chemicals (i.e. 3" chlorine tabs) so that they get dispersed into the pool without settling on the bottom of the pool???

    Sorry to hijack your original question, but I am guessing that I am looking at something similar to what you are describing and that my mesh bag just lifts right out with no tools or special manipulation. I drive by a Shasta pool store on my way to/from work; plan on stopping in there soon to ask them and to get a new mesh bag (if worth the expense).

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    Re: QDR Skimmer on shasta pool

    I had to call Shasta support a couple times since I also bought a house with a defunct QDR skimmer. None of the pool servicemen or store clerks I asked knew what it was for. I could also tell it hadn't been used in years. The amount of dried mud on the lid and on the surrounding plastics was so thick, the lid could not be placed in correctly. I assumed it was some form of a chemical release system though the net would burn up if strong chemicals were placed in it. I could tell the prior owner and pool crew had no idea what is for.

    After going through a few Shasta representatives, I found someone who knew the answer.
    The QDR (Quick Debris Removal) is designed to use the pressure from the return flow to draw water in from the drain on the bottom of the pool. It requires an air-tight seal to do this otherwise it will draw in air and spray bubbles into the pool. It draws water out of the main drain by sending the return water through the QDR cavity. The pressure of the water which is sprayed through then causes suction from the pipe which is above the net. The pipe leads to the drain. The drain water is sucked into the qdr cavity, through the net, and sent back into the pool.

    My net was installed on the upper 'shelf' of the QDR cavity which was higher than the inflow pipe. Once I cleaned everything up it became clear the net needed to be installed on the lower 'shelf'.
    I had to soak the lid for a while in water and scrub off any and all dirt. I then applied lube around the rubber and slipped it into the opening. Before I had cleaned it up, I couldn't secure the lid to anything. Too much mud was caked on it. Now that it was cleaned and lubed, it slipped right into the area it belonged and gave me an airtight seal.
    Once the pump was turned on, I received perfect suction from the pool. It quickly whisked all of the debris which had been held in the pipe for years.

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    Re: QDR Skimmer on shasta pool


    Wow! That is a lot of great and useful information. Thanks for taking the time to post that and sharing with everyone. That makes sense and I'm glad you got your's sorted out, too.

    Take Care,
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