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Thread: H400 Hayward heater "if" error code after board replacemt

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    H400 Hayward heater "if" error code after board replacemt

    I was getting a CE code on my hayward heater which I looked up and saw that it would either be the ignition or display board. I first replaced the display board; still getting CE code. Replaced ignition board and the CE code went off.

    Now I am getting an IF code on the heater.

    I will say that the high today was 20 degrees and the wind is blowing like crazy; I just replaced the ignition board today. Does the temperature affect the heater at all? Could this be causing the IF code?

    Is there a specific connection that I might not have gotten tight enough on the ignition board that could be causing this?

    I have spent about $200 on both boards; the pool repair company was asking $450 for just the display board. The installation didn't seem complicated.

    Can anyone tell me what I might be missing?

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    Re: H400 Hayward heater "if" error code after board replacemt

    IF code is completely different & should not be a result of anything you've done - assuming you reattached all wires correctly. The IF code results from lack of ignition or flame sense, which could be related to several different things. It could be as simple as spider webs in the gas orifices, gas valve(s) turned off, failed flame sense rod, etc.
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    Re: H400 Hayward heater "if" error code after board replacemt

    If you hear the sparker is sparking and the heater lights and then fails to stay lit , it is usually either the igniter's flame sensor. The sparker is also the flame sensor.

    Step 1, very lightly sand the the L shaped wire and the ceramic sparker. This will usually require removing the the igniter, normally not a big deal, one screw and one nut and out it comes.

    Step 2, Reseat the thick orange wire from the igniter to the ICM. This can get coroded but it's rare. It also might be the ICM (Ignition Control Module/brain) but they are usually pretty reliable. I think I have replaced 2 or 3 in 10 years.

    Step 3, Reinstall the igniter. Retest. If you have a mirror, See if it lights the burner rather than trying to get your eyes low enough to see up. Check for spark if the burner doesn't ignite at all. It may be sparking in the wrong location or internally within the ceramic. If it works, test two more times, a few minutes apart.

    If you get spark but no flame, do you hear the regulator open (click) and or smell gas faintly? If yes, the burner is likely sooted up or corroded. It will need to be removed and inspected.

    You might be able to blast the burner tray with compressed air. You'll need a compressor, the canned stuff is not strong enough. If it is corroded, replacement is the proper action.


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    Re: H400 Hayward heater "if" error code after board replacem

    Scott (poolguyNJ) Thanks for your post, I tried cleaning out the cobwebs but that didn't make sense to me but with no avail. I cleaned the L shaped heat sensor with some sand paper and my heater now works perfectly. I also have a Hayward H 400 that was setting the if code. Took a whole 10 minute and back up and running. Again much thanks.

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    Re: H400 Hayward heater "if" error code after board replacemt

    I have the 200fdn elec ig heator, bought used sitting for 2 years, got all hooked up and is throwing IF error code. I have enough gas pressure from meter but it is only registering 3/4" when gas valve energizes...cleaned flame sensor but what good is that if I am not getting flame?......tries and tries to fire but no go...pool guy said it is gas valve???...Please someone that knows please I dont want to throw money at problems wishing...All help is very much appreciated...HELP

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    Re: H400 Hayward heater "if" error code after board replacemt

    If you are measuring the gas pressure on the manifold side and it's not registering enough, it will not fire. So what is the gas pressure on the incoming side and then on the manifold side? Use the correct tool to measure this so you can get an accurate reading.
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