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Thread: Help with my Pentair Cartridge Core

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    Help with my Pentair Cartridge Core

    I just pulled out my cartidge to clean the filter, and it looks like the core broke off at the bottom. The bottom of the core is stuck in the bottom of the canister....I mean stuck! I hosed down the filter and put it and the core it's still wrapped around back in and turned the pump back on, but I'm pretty sure I need a new core. Has this ever happened to anyone, and if so how do I get that stuck core bottom out of the canister? Thank you very much for any replies in advance.


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    Re: Help with my Pentair Cartridge Core

    Welcome to TFP Mike!

    It might help if you told us what brand and model filter you have.

    Pictures might even be better.
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    Re: Help with my Pentair Cartridge Core ... rs-29.htm#

    It's part number 7 in that link. It's black and the very bottom of that core is stuck in the bottom of the canister. The rest of it comes off with the filter when I pull it out. I'm still running the pump, but I'm fairly certain it needs to be replaced. I just don't want to break anything by trying to force that stuck piece out.

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    Re: Help with my Pentair Cartridge Core

    I'm not 100% sure I understand the problem, but the central core can (should?) stay in the unit and the filter pulled off of it. So it may be as simple as putting the core back in properly. I'm not sure if it was here or another forum, but a Pentair cartridge filter owner wrote about the core coming out and the response was simply to put it back in - and to extract the filter without pulling out the core for future cleanings.

    Not sure what I just wrote will make sense to you either - what I'm trying to say is if the core doesn't look damaged, you might well be OK.
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    Re: Help with my Pentair Cartridge Core

    Thanks, we bought a new one today. The other was had some pieces broken off. The filter was so heavy from the acid wash residue that the weight of trying to lift the whole core out broke it. You are correct about only pulling off the filter. That makes much more sense and that's what I'll do from now on. The only reason I pulled the whole thing out before is because that's what I was shown when we moved here (as pool virgins). Thanks for your feedback!

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