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Thread: Water Channel Extender for Spillover Spa?

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    Water Channel Extender for Spillover Spa?

    Had my in-ground spa converted from a side drain (to holes on the side of the spa, connected to pipe running back to the pool) to a spillover. The water channel doesn't quite clear the coping stone between the spa and the pool. The channel was made from a man made concrete product. Any ideas on how to extend this channel, another 2 inches will do it. I am thinking a plate of galvinized steel, or a 2 inch piece of concrete cut at an angle and chemically adhered to the existing edge.

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    Re: Water Channel Extender for Spillover Spa?

    I'd recommand against the steel, even galvanized will corrode in your pool water, some faster, some slower, but they all do. Is the edge of the spillover rounded or square? A squared off edge will allow the water to pitch out away from the wall, whereas a rounded edge pulls the water back towards the wall. Nothing is really attractive unless you use some natural stone, but if appearance isn't important, you can use a small sheet of plexiglas to accomplish the same thing. Measure the dimensions from the inside of the wall to the outside, add the 2" you're looking for and also side to side of the "trough". When the water's running, the plexi becomes almost invisible. Adhere it with a good silicone when all surfaces are completely clean & dry, seal all edges well.
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    Re: Water Channel Extender for Spillover Spa?

    A marble saddle, such as used at the threshold of a bathroom door works well.

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    Re: Water Channel Extender for Spillover Spa?

    Thanks gents. I ended up using a drip edge made of plastic and adhered it to the underside of the edge of the water channel going into the pool. Adhered it to the underside of the channel with a polyether sealant as they adhere to damp surfaces. Can barely see it (hangs down 1/4") and only if you are looking for it. Works like a champ channeling a small amount of water back into the pool and stays off the coping.

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    Re: Water Channel Extender for Spillover Spa?

    Any chance that you could post a photo of this?
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    Re: Water Channel Extender for Spillover Spa?

    Let me know if you can see these photos. The spa used to drain from side holes at the water line in the tub (now tiled over). The white spillway is brand new, and just underneath the bottom is the drip edge I installed
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