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Thread: Am I missing something in the chlorinator?

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    Am I missing something in the chlorinator?

    I am trying to see if I need to add chlorine tablets - the sweetwater pools person said I need to fill up the chlorinator with tablets.
    I have attached a picture of my setup, it looks like the tube is full of water but no tablets. Can you let me know if there is a problem?
    Thanks, Aaron[attachment=0:1iftcjoa]chlorine feeder.JPG[/attachment:1iftcjoa][attachment=1:1iftcjoa]chlorinator.JPG[/attachment:1iftcjoa][attachment=2:1iftcjoa]chlorinator (2).JPG[/attachment:1iftcjoa]
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    Re: Am I missing something in the chlorinator?

    The pucks go in that 3" diameter hole. It appears you are missing a cap for it.
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    Re: Am I missing something in the chlorinator?

    Your missing the bypass tube that allows you to not use that thing!

    You'll find that most of us here are not fans of that unit, or the pucks. Unless you are using it just for vacation chlorinating, you're really not doing yourself any favors with that.

    Have you been to Pool School (top right side of the page)? Learning to properly balance your water will lead you to discard that and switch to bleach. You'll be glad you did!!

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    Re: Am I missing something in the chlorinator?

    As far as tablet feeder, the Rainbow 320 is the best In-Line model there is.

    How it works normally:

    Fill with tabs. Close the lid. This forms an air tight seal. All air is now trapped.

    When the pump turns on, a catch tube catches some water and directs it into the feeder. How much is dependent on the valve setting. The valve may let water into the tube in either the normally used lower position.

    The water level will only rise in the feeder partially. The trapped air prevents it from filling by air compression vs water pressure. Water returns to the return line via a check valved port at the bottom of the chamber. The amount of water in the chamber is dependent on the the velocity of the return water in the line. This prevents the full stack of tabs from getting washed and eroded. Only the lower pucks get wet and erode. As they erode, the fresh puck above drop down.

    Typically, only a couple of pucks are washed at a time. An optional High port is used when you want to wash all the pucks at once and increase the chlorine release. The same amount of water is going in the feeder but because the intake water is being sent up high, all the pucks get wet, not just the bottom 2 or 3. This setting used to only be used with larger pools but now, with variable speed pumps and slower velocity return flow, the High Feed configuration has a new use.

    Because the air in the feeder is trapped under pressure, when the pump is turned off, any water in the feeder is pushed out and the pucks stop eroding. This is why, when you open it, there are significantly fewer fumes.

    In the normal/lower feed configuration, filling with 4 or 8 pucks tabs is moot as only the lower 2 or 3 are washed. The fellow from Sweetwater Pools knows this too. More tabs in the feeder means less frequent opening and filling and handling of the pucks.

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    Re: Am I missing something in the chlorinator?

    Can you let me know if there is a problem?
    How are you currently chlorinating the pool? Can you post some test results for your pool water? How does your water look?
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