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Thread: Pentair Intellitouch - Service Mode Inoperative

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    Pentair Intellitouch - Service Mode Inoperative

    Tried to operate in service mode yesterday, but pump would not operate. Reset button on Intellitouch control panel panel then started flashing. Reset the button, but still the pump will not function. Interior IS4 control panel operates with no problem when in Auto mode. The same night, used the spa and noticed the spa light flashing off and on and then the IS4 spa sde remote quit functioning all together. The IS4 interior control panel indicated the error code of IS4 #1. I was able to reset the interior control panel, but obviously there is an issue. The situation leads me to believe that the Intellitouch control panel and the IS4 symptom are related. The Intelliflow pump (when circulating to water to the pool) works just fine in Auto mode. Only in Service mode or Auto Spa mode is where I have the problem. Any ideas/suggestions?

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    Re: Pentair Intellitouch - Service Mode Inoperative

    Welcome to TFP!

    Have you had any lightning storms recently? Near by lightning strikes can sometimes cause problems.

    If you are lucky, it is something simple like a loose connection. Check that the control connections between the pump and the automation panel and between the automation panel and the spa side remote are firmly connected at both ends (or at least all the ends you can get at easily).

    Hopefully someone who knows more about the Intellitouch will be along soon to make additional suggestions.
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    Re: Pentair Intellitouch - Service Mode Inoperative

    I have the EasyTouch, so the advice may not apply, but after a power glitch I found I had to remove power to the device center itself at the main house breaker. After restoring power then reset buttons, etc. worked. In my case I discovered it in much the same way, my VS-3050 pump would not work in service mode.
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    Re: Pentair Intellitouch - Service Mode Inoperative

    Thanks for the replies and suggestions. Haven't had any lightning storms, just a lot of rain. OK, I'll reset the main breaker and if that doesn't work, I'll check the connections, as suggested. I'll post the results. Stay tuned.

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    Re: Pentair Intellitouch - Service Mode Inoperative

    As suggested, I've reset the main breaker and have checked the connections. The Service Mode is still inoperative.

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    Re: Pentair Intellitouch - Service Mode Inoperative

    I just want to throw this out here even though it is very basic. Anytime you are in Timeout or Service Mode you can not control the IntelliFlo or IntelliPro pumps from the automation center, indoor remotes, wireless remotes or spa side remote. You have to turn it on and off from the drive mounted on top of the pump motor. I get calls from people with this problem and they never knew this information. This applies for the SunTouch, EasyTouch and IntelliTouch automation controls.

    If thats not the problem or you knew this post back.

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    Re: Pentair Intellitouch - Service Mode Inoperative

    In service mode, the pump control reverts to the pump's panel.

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