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Thread: Freeze Question

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    Freeze Question

    My pb talked us into leaving the pool open through the winter and it's been going well so far. But last night we wondered what we would do if we lost electricity for the freeze protection that keep the pumps on if it gets very tonight when it drops to 9 degrees!! We'll prolly get set up to run a gererator or something, but if we had to act quickly, would draining the filter housing, the little pump drains, and blowing some of the water back out of the lines be enough?


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    Re: Freeze Question

    Without plugs, blowing air in the lines won't help. Water would just flow back to the pool's level. If the pad is a couple feet of more above the water level, you would likely be ok though. I take it you are getting hit by the storm coming up the coast that's about to wallop me?

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    Re: Freeze Question

    Yes it is headed your way...anywhere but here!

    We thought if we drain the filter and pumps we could get the water level below ground level and hopefully survive. I'm not sure if we would have to get ALL the water out of them, or if most would be adequeate, enough to allow for some expansion.

    Last winter we lost power here in OKC due to a bad ice storm, so just want to be ready in case.

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