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Thread: UltraPure Ozone system too much air

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    UltraPure Ozone system too much air

    New pool. Pool company tells me normal, but gut tells me no.

    Two speed pump
    At high speed ozone system is on and draws ozone to drain plug on basket of pump. Slight air noise in pump, pump operating fine.

    Low speed, ozone system off, after 15 min, pump basket is 1/2 full of water, never stops pumping, but I'm worried it may eventually loose prime.

    I disconnected ozone and placed drain plug in for now, 24 hours at low speed not one bubble in basket.

    I assume, at low speed, air is being introduced, from the ozone tube, and their isn't enough water draw to push it out of basket.

    Anyone experiencing this, and found a way around it. I was thinking of putting a valve in ozone line to switch off line in low mode, change timer for high speed so I could be there to turn off, but what a pain.

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    Re: UltraPure Ozone system too much air

    I have a del-ozone and it is plumbed in after the pump. When it was first installed, it was sucking so much air that my pool cleaner was floating and bubbles were coming out of 1/2 of the pool jets. Pool company eventually installed a clamp on the ozone line which restricts the flow. This reduced air flow.

    Sounds like you have a different setup and issue, but bottom line is it can't be normal.
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    Re: UltraPure Ozone system too much air

    I had the same problem with the unit they sold me, I removed it and bought a liquidator and never looked back. The system, Im sorry to say, is not worth the money. This is ofcourse my opinion.
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    Re: UltraPure Ozone system too much air

    Summary: Forget the ozone on low speed.

    I am having the same problem as we speak, and turned here to research this. I have a 2 speed Jandy Flo-pro, 1hp. I was supposed to get some "miracle system" and at the last minute the pool builder, I guess which is quasi good for me, used ozone with a Nature 2 instead. The other system, Pool Prodigy, apparently REALLY sucks and was abandoned by the FL pool builder. I have since stopped using the Nature 2 as it is simply too expensive and the whole metals thing. And I'm not trying to run .5 ppm CL. Fat Chance. And adding 10 Trichlor tablets at a time, which racked my CYA to egregious levels (another thanks to my ignorant pool builder but really I should blame myself for my own ignorance). I now have a CYA of over 100, but run 8 or so PPM CL, which isn't so bad in my 10k pool. 4lb baking soda at WalMart for like 3 bucks, 10% CL at lowes for 4 bucks a gallon, and acid at Lowes for about 5 or 6 bucks a gallon. I think my worst case chemical cost is now about 10 bucks per month on average.

    At any rate, on low, the "bubbles" aren't sucked out fast enough and the pump just starts sucking air. I think I will take the advice of others and just use it on high after pool parties, if even then. I think it is a horrible idea to have the ozone plumbed into the inlet side of the pump. Perhaps into the outlet side. Maybe. Anyway, I don't care to relocate it.

    I might consider just having it come on with the "high" speed only. However, I'm thinking I may just put it on a switch to where it will only come on when I turn it on (and the pump is running, of course).

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