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Thread: Here's a reminder as to why you shouldn't rely on...

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    Here's a reminder as to why you shouldn't rely on...

    As if you need another, here's a reminder as to why you shouldn't rely on anyone other than yourself to test your water.

    Here are MY results that I confirmed with 2 other (small, independently owned & operated) pool supply stores. The 2 store's results, while not exactly the same as mine, were very close. I use a Taylor kit and all my reagents are no more than several months old.

    FC/CC - 28/0 (yes, I know it's high)
    Ph - 7.5
    TA - 80
    CH - 300
    CYA - 100
    Salt - 4700ppm (also high, I know)

    Here are the results that I got from the same sample of water taken at a major pool suppy chain store that services are large community. This is a large and very busy pool supply store.

    FC/CC - 1.0/0
    Ph - 8.0
    TA - 100
    CH - 200
    CYA - 70
    Salt - 4900ppm

    So guess what this store tried to sell me? (1) Acid, (2) Calcium Harness increaser (3) Stabilizer, and (4) A new SWG. ALL OF THE ABOVE! I'm almost disgusted to think how many people this business must rip off with all the bad advice / recommendations. Ordinarily, I might say something to them, but this is not the first time I've caught them giving me bad advice and I've already said something to the manager in the past (who was not there today).

    And yes, I actually took my sample to 3 different places and all tests were performed within 1 hour of eachother. I wont say the name of the store that gave me these false readings but I will tell you that it's a pretty large chain down in my neck of the woods, has 3 words, and begins with the letter "P"
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    Re: Here's a reminder as to why you shouldn't rely on...

    Thanks for sharing! Unfortunately, this is an all to common story. If anything is surprising, it is that you found two stores that did a good job of testing.
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    Re: Here's a reminder as to why you shouldn't rely on...

    > 3 words, and begins with the letter "P"

    Pilfer The Poor ?
    Pour The Poison ?
    Prepare Thy Wallet ?
    Profitably Purposeful Philandering ?

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    Re: Here's a reminder as to why you shouldn't rely on...

    Thanks for the 'field report'

    BTW - your pH is probably a lot lower than you test (I assume that your high cl bleached out their cl test and is giving you a false pH reading)
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    Re: Here's a reminder as to why you shouldn't rely on...

    Back when I bothered to compare----------they were ALWAYS further off on FC levels than anything else. I'm talking I was at 10 preparing for a pool party weekend and they show 2 or less. Come on. Never could figure that one out. I don't think they can even measure over 3.
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