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Thread: Just bought the house with pool

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    Just bought the house with pool

    I just bought a house with a 5 year old in ground pool. I'm told it's about 14000gal. We purchased the house through a relo company and were given no info on the pool. I've never had a pool before and don't know what I've got here. Can anyone tell me about my system? I don't think the ultrapure system works. I don't see any sort of light, and it leaks water from the casing. Also, does this make a noise when it is working? Thanks.[attachment=0:2v55a1dx]ozone.jpg[/attachment:2v55a1dx] [attachment=2:2v55a1dx]filter.jpg[/attachment:2v55a1dx][attachment=1:2v55a1dx]pool1.jpg[/attachment:2v55a1dx]
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    Re: Just bought the house with pool

    That is an ozonator, typically sold on pools built by Blue Haven in my area. It is a "low grade" U/V light unit. You get plenty of ozone from sunlight, so if it is leaking, etc. I'd just lose it.

    Equipment looks to be good quality, and the pool is beautiful!

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    Re: Just bought the house with pool

    Welcome to TFP.

    Bruce is correct (but that doesn't surprise us) If the ozonator is leaking just disconnect it and just use bleach or get a SWCG.

    You really need a good test kit to check your CYA, etc. TFtestkits sells the best valued one around. There's a link in my sig.
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    Re: Just bought the house with pool

    Welcome to TFP! That's a beautiful pool you have there.
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    Re: Just bought the house with pool

    Quote Originally Posted by Bama Rambler
    Welcome to TFP.

    Bruce is correct (but that doesn't surprise us) If the ozonator is leaking just disconnect it and just use bleach or get a SWCG.

    You really need a good test kit to check your CYA, etc. TFtestkits sells the best valued one around. There's a link in my sig.

    A test kit was next on my list.

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    Re: Just bought the house with pool

    If the pool is a swamp, there are a few paths you can take. Things to consider when push comes to shove:

    Your Time

    Your Budget

    We can and are more than willing to help you.

    The Ozonator on the wall should make as much noise as a florescent fixture because that is what it is except it has a UV bulb. It may have a fan, it may not. I don't know this unit. That it has water leaking is bad. I agree with the earlier posters that say to remove it from the loop. To do that, you will need a replacement pump plug, about $2 at a pool store. Most pool stores have Hayward parts. It will fit, even though you have a Pentair pump, which IMHO, is better than Hayward but that is not what this thread is about.

    Reading the pool school and ordering the TF test kit are good starts. Read the Pool School more than once. As you become accustomed to seeing your pool, you be able to more easily identify it's parts, understand it's needs, and see what's missing. It won't come all at once. You will make mistakes. We all did. You can trust what is said here more than the local pool stores word. They want your money, we want you to have a clean and safe pool. Trust your testing.

    I noticed the water in the tablet feeder is green. With beginners, I liken pools to artificial life forms. They have a heart (the pump), a kidney (the filter), veins and arteries (the plumbing), they need to be fed (BBB) and have personal hygiene needs (vacuuming and brushing etc...) or they get sick (green) or get guests sick. Your pool is sick.

    I have to assume that the system has been off for some time. If you can get us a picture that shows the pool more closely so we can see the water, it would help. Once you get the test kit, posting the numbers will help too.

    Hang in there. A little patients and you go from green to clean but it will take some time. Nothing is instantaneous with a green pool.

    Talk to you soon.

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    Re: Just bought the house with pool

    I've added these pictures to show the water condition at the moment. It is not green, but it is cloudy. If anyone can identify the staining shown in the first picture, and tell me how to get rid of it, I'd appreciate it.
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    Re: Just bought the house with pool

    I ordered a test kit, but until it arrives, I'm using test strips. Here's what we got:

    total hardness: at least 250 ppm
    total chlorine 2ppm
    free chlorine 2ppm
    ph 7.5
    alkalinity 125
    stablizer - very high at approx 150

    Water temp is 64
    I'm located in south Texas

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    Re: Just bought the house with pool

    That is scale or calcium deposits. You won't have much luck getting that off the plaster

    Wait until you get your test kit and get an accurate CH reading (unless they changed the water recently, in which case that won't tell us much!). Keep your pH on the low side (7.2) and you may be able to "loosen" the build up a little, but don't let the water get too aggressive or you will ruin the plaster!

    The plaster looks pretty good (from what I can see in the pics), just calcified. Probably have to deal with the appearance until it is time to re-plaster.

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    Re: Just bought the house with pool


    Good move, ordering the good test kit. You did order a TF100, didn't you? Anyway, too bad I didn't get here earlier, I woulda steered you to get a speedstir as well. You might be able to get ahold of the vendor before the kit ships and add one. It's well worth it, especially if you're doing CH tests with very high Calcium, which I suspect you will be, based on the pool appearance.

    By the way, there are directions for doing the CH test with a 10ml sample, which gives you resolution of 25 ppm instead of 10, which is close enough when you start getting up to adding 30 or more drops. Ask me how I know....

    You simply can't overmix the CH test, especially when the water starts getting chilly. Many times I'll be sort of stalled at lavendar. So another cycle on the speedstir, and it starts turning bluer. One more drop, stalls again. Run another cycle, baby blue! If I kept adding drops instead of mixing, my results would show much higher than they really are. Get a speedstir, spare your wrists.
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    Re: Just bought the house with pool

    I agree with Richard, the speedstir is a fantastic addition to have. Makes testing a lot easier and even fun. It makes mixing your sample so much easier.
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    Re: Just bought the house with pool

    I agree with Richard on the speedstir BTW welcome to TFP and what a beautiful pool This is a great site where you will find many knowledgeable Friends willing to help you
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    Re: Just bought the house with pool

    I've been meaning to give an update. Everything is going great with the pool. For the moment, it's all under control. We added a solar heater, which seems to be working. The water is 72 degrees, which is warm enough for the kids, but not me. We had a couple of damaged fittings during our deep freeze here in San Antonio, but compared to some guys we saw at the pool store, we came through it pretty well. I did want to pass on a little gadget my father sent me for Christmas, it's an infared thermometer (Kintrex). I used it a lot during the freeze, checking pipes, etc. and it was helpful locating the best spot for the solar panels, not to mention just checking pool temps for my little log book. It certainly isn't a must have, but it's been fun and useful.

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