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Thread: Pentair Intellitouch Troubleshooting

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    Pentair Intellitouch Troubleshooting

    I have a Pentair Intellitouch i9 controlling my pool and spa. Yesterday at I pressed the "Spa" button on the spa side remote to heat the spa from ambient (60 degrees). The programming on the button is an egg-timer which is set to run for 3 hours. The spa was still running THIS MORNING at 9 AM, sucking propane ALL NIGHT LONG and probably costing $150. How can this happen? I've double-checked the programming of the egg-timer and spa and used the Screenlogic interface to check the history. I'd really hate to see this happen again!

    Is there any sort of diagnostic tool that can look into the Screenlogic and figure out why the egg-timer did not fire? Log Files? Anything?

    This is NOT a new installation and the egg-timer has worked reliably for many activations over the last 6 months. No programming has been changed.

    Pentair is closed for the holidays and I could not find a support e-mail for them.

    I can see from the history on Screenlogic that the spa was activated at 4:11 PM and had a consistent 15 degree per hour temp rise for about 3 1/2 hours, then maintained temp at 104 until manually turned off the next day at 9:45 AM when we noticed it was still running.

    My only guesses are:

    - stuck button on spa side IS-4 remote (but it has not turned back on since being turned off)
    - power interrupted to I9 (but we were there and did not experience an outage)
    - I9 getting confused by egg-timer popping BEFORE achieving target temperature (3 hour egg timer but 3:30 needed to get to 104)

    Any thoughts?
    65K Gallon (24x60) Gunite Pool & 2K Gallon detached spa, Pebble Sheen, Aquamatic Cover, Paramount In-Floor Cleaner, Pentair Intellitouch Controller, 3 Intelliflo pumps (filter, cleaner and water features), Pentair Filter, 400K heater. 2 Pentair IC40 SWCG

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    Re: Pentair Intellitouch Troubleshooting

    Where are you located? Is the 4 button in the waterline? Those switches (spa side remotes) are notorious for failing if allowed to get wet repeatedly, like they tend to if in the waterline. Could someone have pushed it by accident also?

    I know that does not help much now, but it may help in the future. You should be able to turn everything off from the in house control, or by going into service mode at the box.

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