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Thread: Lost prime -fail safe

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    Lost prime -fail safe

    Is there a device that i can install on my pump/filter circuit to stop the pump starting if the circuit has lost prime. Unfortunately the Hurlcon BX 1.0 is 1.4 m above waterline. It has one way valves pre pump and post filter and holds prime most of the time. But very occasionally the prime is lost ?debris under valve flaps or seals in valves need lube. Whilst primed there is a constant negative pressure in the suction line when the pump is off, Perhaps some sort of sensor here to a relay to control power to he pump?

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    Re: Lost prime -fail safe

    The least expensive solution is probably a flow switch and relay but a better solution would be a load minder relay but it's going to be expensive.
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    Re: Lost prime -fail safe

    Normally, plumbing will stay primed unless there is air leaking into the system from somewhere. If you can find the leak, you can prevent the loss of prime. The suction side check valve alone would not cause a problem unless there is air leaking into the suction side from somewhere. Same for the return although debris in check valves is much less likely and the filter can sometimes allow air into the plumbing.
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    Re: Lost prime -fail safe

    Its really a form of insurance to prevent the pump from running for long periods dry. It has only happened once in 3 yrs and was lucky I was there when pump started dry so I could switch it off. Checked all connections without finding anything obvious and reprimed the system and no leaks actually found. Regreased all O rings and took down a no of T joint valves(Waterco) and greased spindle O rings and everything now appears sealed. Could be a disaster if pump was to run dry for hours, so am exploring if there is an easy fail proof modification I could make.

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    Re: Lost prime -fail safe

    I've discovered the installed Monarch Esc36 chlorinator which has a power point for the pump has a failsafe built in. It senses the lack of flow in the chlorinator and then turns off the pump powerpoint and the chlorinator.

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    Re: Lost prime -fail safe

    Have you purchased it yet? Were you looking for a chlorinator as well? For $1000.00, you could replace your whole pump 2x, motor 3x. I kinda thought you were looking for something less expensive than the pump, or I might have had a suggestion or two. Btw, you can get full automation for the same Thousand bucks.
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    Re: Lost prime -fail safe

    Sorry, I wasn't specific enough. The Chloromatic ESC36ph is already in place ( 3yrs old - put in with the original pool installation). I didnt actually realise that this unit had this fail safe mechanism until I began looking into this. apparently the salt cell detects the lack of flow and turns off the cell and pump supply after 4 minutes. As mentioned the pump - a BX Hurlcon 1.0 HP is 1.5m above the waterline. The Chloromatic stuff is expensive. A genuine replacement cell - best price I have seen Aus$620. A Monarch Chloromatic ESC32PH retails for $1600-$1700AUS

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