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Thread: valve position question?

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    valve position question? ... 462090578/

    Hi all,

    Need a little help...for some reason I have blanked on how this valve (see link for pics please) is supposed to go. Pipe to skimmers 1 & 2 coming out of ground. I cannot get both skimmers to keep suction...either valve set for one or the other & then only one skimmer gets suction. I haven't moved it in a few years (I think it got moved by another last week) & I forget how it is supposed to go. How do I set valve so both skimmers have suction?

    I am hoping you all could help advise. Thanks in advance & enjoy the Thanksgiving holiday!


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    Re: valve position question?

    Welcome to TFP!

    Put the arrow on the skimmer valve midway between the skimmer 1 pipe and the skimmer 2 pipe. That should give you pretty much equal pull from both skimmers. If that doesn't work, check back.

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    Re: valve position question?

    If those valves work the way my Pentair valves do, you would want to point the handle straight down and the pointer straight up. That places the blocking sector against the solid top wall and allows maximum pull from both skimmer lines. If you place the pointer between both skimmer lines, the flow will be equal, but you will be blocking both lines partially.

    But, as I said, yours may work differently than mine do. Why not try both suggestions?
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    Re: valve position question?


    Thats correct. The "open" part of the block faces the handle. So your description of how the handle needs to be set is correct....I think.
    Actually, that valve should have been turned when it was originally plumbed. The opening where the skimmer 2 pipe is plumbed is actually the "common". It should have been plumbed into the suction side of the pump. The skimmer lines should be plumbed into the other 2 openings.
    That being said, the way its plumbed now works just fine. But if it were plumbed the other way, it would be easier to figure out where the valve needs to be.
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