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Thread: A whole year of pool costs (including electrical) :)

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    A whole year of pool costs (including electrical) :)

    Predicated on an earlier topic by Serge I decided to post my costs here.

    Since I've closed the pool, these numbers are for the entire year starting at Jan 1 and ending Dec 31. I didn't close last year so i was using chems and electric the whole time. The electric cost will go down next year because I won't be running the pump until I open about April 2011.

    Bleach = $167.33
    Muriatic Acid = $2.81
    Stabilizer = $16.14
    Borax = $4.45
    Baking Soda = $4.50
    Calcium = $1.34
    Total = $196.58

    That works out to an average of $16.40 per month for chems. I had a couple of uh-oh's with the LQ so next years chems should go down a bit

    Our power is 11¢ per KWh and I run the pump 8 hours a day, so that works out to $47.52 per month
    for a total of $502.13 for the entire year.

    Feel free to post you cost here as well.
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    Re: A whole year of pool costs (including electrical) :)

    i've added my electricity bill increase since pool was completed (allocating all of it to pool ownership, which may not be 100% true)

    Pool service (2 months): $ 180
    Conditioner: $ 30
    Borates : 42
    Balance Pak; $32
    Cleaner bag + tail foam cover (2): $45
    Muriatic Acid: 24 gallons at $5.50 each= $132
    Salt: $30
    Electricity : +/- $65/month increase after pool x 12 = $780

    Total cost ownership/year: $1271
    Inground with 7x7 spa (spillover)
    20k gal plaster (sunstone)
    pentair 3/4 hp (filter), 1 hp (spa), 1/2 hp (features)
    cartridge filter
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    Re: A whole year of pool costs (including electrical) :)

    My estimate for the entire year:
    Electric $288
    Acid $60
    CYA $20
    Bleach $10 (assist the swg)
    Borates $40
    Salt $25
    Water $30
    for a total of $458, $1.25/day

    hopefully I don't have to use as many chems next year since cya, borates, and salt are where they need to be. We go through a lot of acid in the 3months of 85+ pool temps. Had to top off the pool a bunch this hot, dray fall. Hope to eventually get a 2-spd motor to drop electric cost. My goal is $1/day.

    Above does not include the TPC vacuum, pump repair ($90), some minor tile repair ($30 in 'pool putty'), or the new brush ($25)
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    Re: A whole year of pool costs (including electrical) :)

    Here is my best est

    Bleach = $30 (intex swg keeps this cost down)
    Muriatic Acid = $30 (Yes, my fill water TA is 300+ )
    Stabilizer = $17
    Borax = $20 (Try to keep my borate level around 50ppm)
    Baking Soda = $0
    Calcium = $0
    Salt = $20
    Electricity (5mo's @ $65/mo) = $325
    Total 5 mo season= approx $450 or less than $100/mo including electric or about $25-30/mo without electrical costs. I guess I could add another $30 for the season in reagents used, if that.

    Pre TFP, I used to spend at least $100/mo on pool store recommended chems alone.
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