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Thread: Should I use and Ozonator w/ SWG

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    Should I use and Ozonator w/ SWG

    My brother has purchased a Del Eclipse 4, 220V ozonator, but is not able to use it in his pool. He has offered to sell it to me at about 1/3 of retail.

    I have read mixed reviews on this forum about ozonators as a stand alone unit.

    I wouldn't normally purchase one, but at this price is it a good supplement to my Salt water generator? Will it extend the life of the generator?

    It is 240v. How much will it cost to run?

    Our pool and spa is approx. 20K gallons.
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    Re: Should I use and Ozonator w/ SWG

    It really won't have any effect on your SWCG system, since the use of a supplemental system doesn't change the need for the chlrine residual in the water. It MIGHT slightly reduce your needed chlorine generation if you have a heavy bather load or another source of regular biological load in the pool.

    There are a few nasty "bugs" that it is more effective on than chlorine, so it's one of those things you need to decide for yourself. Cryptosporidium and Giardia are the primary concerns. My opinion is that they are much more of a concern in public pools than private pools.
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    Re: Should I use and Ozonator w/ SWG

    To add to what John said, it may be of benefit if someone in your household is immune compromised or suppressed, or has incontinence issues and you would like the extra security ozone would provide for those situations. The majority of private pools would not benefit from the extra cost as long as they are properly maintained.
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    Re: Should I use and Ozonator w/ SWG

    I have one of those on my pool.

    1. You still need SWG
    2. Biggest benefit is when in spa mode....supplements spa great.
    3. Slight reduction in chlorine demand.
    4. Points listed above.
    5. Helps pool recover from episodes of higher bather load faster.
    6. Electricity use as I recall is modest, but new ozone cells are pricey.
    7. Will add some stability to your ORP readings if you want to use an ORP controller on your SWG.
    8. Nice supplement if you have high organic load such as lots of leaves.
    9. Can be a PITA to plumb in correctly.
    10. You only get benefit when pool pump is running....unless you get the Total Eclipse unit.
    11. Possibly slight floculant effect.
    12. Great benefit to reduce chloramines when using a pool cover which blocks the usual UV light which is what usually breaks down chloramines.

    Good luck. You will like it and wish it produced about 4 times as much ozone as it does.
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