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Thread: What is Filter Percent status reading on Intelliflow VF

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    What is Filter Percent status reading on Intelliflow VF

    have read the full 9 mb Pentair IntelliFlow VF manual.

    have only 1 schedule set, from 00:00 to 23:59, pump on 24 hr/day.
    system is set for 1 turnover.

    when system is running a schedule, pressing up/down arrow shows watts, rpm and one display is Filter percent, ie. Filter 24% or Filter 15%

    there is no explanation for this in the manual.

    flow rate is 15 GPM, watts normally 122-130w, RPM normally 800-1000rpm, filter pressure is so low, the needle remains at below 1 psi.

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    Re: What is Filter Percent status reading on Intelliflow VF-3050

    See page 19 in the this manual where "Clean Filter Pressure" is set in the Filter menu and can be set from 1 to 50 PSI. After you do a backwash cycle (see p. 33), the PSI of the filter is measured during the next Filter cycle and used as a reference starting point. The Filter Status percentage is calculated as follows:

    Filter Status % = ("Clean Filter Pressure" - "Current Measured Pressure") / ("Clean Filter Pressure" - "Measured Pressure after Backwash Cycle")

    So right after a backwash cycle, it is 0% (assuming Clean Filter Pressure is higher than that measured after a backwash). It becomes 100% and an Alert given when the pressure reaches the Clean Filter Pressure value. At that point the pump no longer tries to manage flow and instead limits flow to maintain the pressure.

    If you have a cartridge or other filter that you do not backwash, you can still do a brief backwash cycle which will reset the reference pressure. Since one doesn't normally have a multi-way valve in such a system, the "backwash" from the pump isn't really a backwash, but just a regular flow through the filter.

    Note that this reference pressure and Clean Filter Pressure are measured and used at the normal Filter flow rate, not that of any special "features" such as solar, jets, or waterfalls.
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