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Thread: How do i fix leaky polaris connectors? (see pic)

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    How do i fix leaky polaris connectors? (see pic)

    It leaks at pretty much all 3 connections. what is the best way to fix this? I have never worked on the hose part of the polaris before, and i would like to keep it about the same length. Is the middle connection necessary?
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    Re: How do i fix leaky polaris connectors? (see pic)

    The fittings are not 100% leak proof... Small leaks are not an issue... The middle connection is a swivel that keeps the hose from getting basic tangles and knots... You'll notice several of these swivels in-line to accomplish hours of tangle-free cleaning. If you feel the part is leaking too much, most pool stores carry this item and its a low cost item to replace.
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    Re: How do i fix leaky polaris connectors? (see pic)

    If it's leaking at the hose swivel itself then you might have to replace the hose swivel. Otherwise there might be problem with how you have the hose connected with the hose nuts. Here's a link to a short post about a leaking swivel, with pics to describe the problem: ... se-swivel/

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