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Thread: Compool 3400 to EasyTouch Upgrade

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    Compool 3400 to EasyTouch Upgrade

    My (very old) Pentair UltraFlow pump died a few days ago. My automation system is a Compool 3400. I'm taking the opportunity to upgrade the pump to an Intelliflo VS-3050, and also bought the Compool to Easytouch upgrade system with 1 new hard-wired panel. A have a few assumptions I was hoping you brainiacs could verify, and also a few questions. Thanks in advance for your advice!

    1. The VS-3050 manual recommends direct-wire to circuit breaker. The Compool setup has the pump wired to a high-voltage relay (breaker to relay; relay to pump). I'm assuming I can bypass the relay with the EasyTouch and go right to the pump, then connect the pump controller cable to the EasyTouch panel for control of on/off & speeds. Yes?

    2. The existing setup has a water-temp sensor, and I now have a new sensor with the new equipment. Can I just use the old/installed one (Compool standard issue), or must I use the new one with the EasyTouch? (I don't want to assume the hole in the return-line is the same size for both, and want to minimize the PVC cutting and replacing.)

    3. I have a spa-side wired-remote (4 push-switches) with the Compool, 1 switch each for pump, heat boost, lights & air-blower. It's 6-wire, which is what the EasyTouch calls for as well - anyone know if I can re-use the existing remote, or is it not compatible with ET?

    4. Everything with the existing install is glued PVC - no unions at all. I can cut-out and do all new with glue, or take the opportunity to put in a couple of unions - but I also don't want anything to leak. Any opinions on unions in general? Do I need to use a lubricant on the union gaskets (as with the pump-strainer and DE filter O-rings?

    5. Seems the old Compool remote (wired) panel and new EasyTouch panel should be plug & play with the existing modular (6-conductor) cable and connector. True?

    And finally, any other experience-based advice? You guys always have tons of relevant info, and I'm anxious to learn BEFORE I make a series of mistakes!

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    Re: Compool 3400 to EasyTouch Upgrade

    1) Yes

    2) No, the probes are different. The hole should be a 3/8". If it's a 1/4", drill it larger. No biggie. Really.

    3) No, The spa sides are different.

    4) I don't remember if there is a height difference. If the pump's suction port is higher, you may, if possible, lower the pad or ankle the suction lines and replumb. Hope you don't have a flooded suction. Fit flush unions. measure twice and cut once. They won't leak if you keep lateral tension off and don't connect too short a piece of pipe. No lube required. The faces of the union are locked and don't move. No lube needed. Hayward unions are pretty compact. All unions, I have found, try to push off the pipe when gluing. Remember to hold the pipe tight.

    5) The ET Indoor remote is wired to a terminal block. No connector. 4 light gauge wires. Using the existing wires is how it's done.

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    Re: Compool 3400 to EasyTouch Upgrade

    Thx Scott!

    I successfully got everything installed yesterday - no leaks! I left the spa-side remote in place (I didn't order a new one when I got all the other stuff), so I didn't wire it at the panel - no big deal. (I'll have to figure out how to get the old one off, and a new one in place - I think the old one is glued to a PVC riser that was likely cut flush.)

    Now on to programming. Reading the "documentation", it's like the writer either never worked with pools or spoke english (or maybe both!).

    I have 3 valve actuators (intake, return, and cleaner (old Ray-Vac)). They're hooked to the board as intake, return & aux valve "A". I also have a the spa air-blower and lights hooked to aux 1 & aux 2, respectively. Both use an electrical relay's.

    Old panel had discrete buttons set up for spa, pool, cleaner, blower, lights, & a spare. Setting up the new-one, it looks like the "up" arrow is for "pool", then spa is dedicated, then I have buttons I can set as aux1-7. I'm assuming (if I can figure out this "circuit" & "feature" terminology, that I can set up each of the aux buttons as before, and maybe even have a few combo functions assigned to a single button? So, for example, maybe I want the "pool" button (up-arrow) to run the pool filter at a lower pump speed (say 1000 RPM), could I set one of the aux buttons as pool-high, say at 3100 RPM?

    Thx in advance again. I'm off to search TFP for some other ideas too - can't be the only one with an EasyTouch, and I'm sure EVERYONE who installs one would have a ton of questions first go-round.


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