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Thread: Diamond Bright or ColorScapes for aggregate plaser? Temp?

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    Diamond Bright or ColorScapes for aggregate plaser? Temp?

    My gunite pool is ready to be replastered, I have 2 quotes one for Diamond Bright, 1yr warranty about 9K, the other ColorScapes, 7 yr warranty, about 8k. Pool is 18 x 36. Is one plaster better then the other? Here in VA temps are going to be 95 to 100 next week. Shouls I hold until gets cooler?

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    Re: Diamond Bright or ColorScapes for aggregate plaser? Temp?

    Diamond Bright looks to be a PebbleTec knock off, and ColorScapes is similar to the old (discontinued) 3M Color Quartz, which even 3M couldn't make a go of!

    What are you trying to see in your pool? Do you want an exposed aggregate, or are you just looking for longevity? The National Plasterers Council will "require" most plaster companies to provide a 5 year bonding warranty, and life expectancy on a product is typically the other time frame noted. A one year warranty doesn't say much to me, and the seven year (read the fine print!) is more than the norm (again, 5 years is typical), but on a product that is sold to any pool guy with an account at National Pool Tile, so installation could be an issue.

    See if you can get referrals from pool builders in your area as to who they use to finish their pools. If they trust a company to finish the pools they build, that is a pretty good indication of the outfit.

    Draining and prepping your pool in the heat is not a problem. Plaster tends to "check crack" easier in the heat, so if you can prolong it until cooler weather you can minimize this. Of course, if you go with a stronger finish (exposed aggregate) that is not really an issue.

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    Re: Diamond Bright or ColorScapes for aggregate plaser? Temp?

    I had the coping and tile replaced last week. The tems here in VA are going to be high for the next few weeks. Would it be a good idea just to clean and fill my pool and replaster in the October? At least this way I can reserch more plaster applicators.

    Thank you for telling me about The National Plasterers Council. I will call tomorrow for couple of quotes. I an looking for longetivity with smooth finish.

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    Re: Diamond Bright or ColorScapes for aggregate plaser? Temp?

    If you can wait until the weather cools you will have a better chance at a more consistent finish. Here in San Diego, we can get pretty hot as well, especially inland. We plaster year round, but I always tell people to try and wait for the cooler weather, if possible.

    For smooth finish and durability, you could look at PebbleFina ( or look for some of the 100% quartz products. They will be the smoothest and should give you good life, if properly maintained. Try and stay with a product and company that has been around for a while, and even offers some training in application, if possible. If the manufacturer holds the installer responsible for how their product is installed, that helps you get a better finished product!

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