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Thread: Pump Questions.

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    Pump Questions.

    I have a question about how the pump is supposed to be running and issues with air.

    I have read the stickies and checked for air leaks and made sure the water level in the pool is correct. I put a rock in our skimmer basket, lubricated the pump basket o-ring, ect.. I also
    pm'ed a forum member because I noticed we had the same equipment (1 year old AGP 15X48, Hayward 1.5 pump, Swim pro Voyager 175 filter) .

    Our "pool guy" last year told us that when our pump is running, that we need to occasionally (about three or four times during the day) hold the weir up, pull out the skimmer basket and let the water "flip over" in the pump. It makes a loud rushing sound while the water is "turning over" in the pump. Is this considered "priming your pump"?

    We have a large bubble that is on the top of the water in the pump that will not cease even after turning the air valve to open on the filter. The return flow drops dramatically after "flipping over" the pump and water will not circulate well.

    The only time the air bubble is not present is when we clean out the filter cartridge, let out the air and start the pump again. Flow pressure is great, no air bubbles in the pump and the pressure on the filter is normal (for our filter). This is all BEFORE we would do the process of "flipping over" the pump. As soon as we do that, pressure on the filter goes up, return flow peters out and we start to see a big bubble form in the pump basket.

    So I guess my question is, is this "flipping over" process not the right thing to do and ruining our pressure, ect?
    I am buying a new filter cartridge (ours is falling apart) so do you think it is a combined issue of old cartridge and ""flipping over" process? Thanks in advance for any help. Sorry this is so long.

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    Re: Pump Questions.

    Quote Originally Posted by poolprobs
    Our "pool guy" last year told us that when our pump is running, that we need to occasionally (about three or four times during the day) hold the weir up, pull out the skimmer basket and let the water "flip over" in the pump. It makes a loud rushing sound while the water is "turning over" in the pump. Is this considered "priming your pump"?
    That is the craziest thing I ever heard but to each his own. Priming the pump or anything for that matter is simply purging the air out of the system and you shouldn't have to do anything special unless the pump is much higher than the water level. Then you may need to have some shutoff valves on the suction side to allow the pump basket to be filled with water before priming. This may be a proceedure your pool guy found works under certain conditions but there are much better ways to prime a pump than what he has proposed.

    Also, you should only need to prime the pump after the lid as been removed and not "periodically". If you are getting air in the pump basket while the pump is off, that would indicate a leak somewhere.

    However, your filter will play a part in priming. If you filter is dirty, it will increase the head loss in the system thereby reducing flow rates and making it harder for the pump to purge the air from the pump basket. So it sounds like you are waiting too long between filter cleanings.
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    Re: Pump Questions.

    Well, I learn something new everyday and this "flipping over" is very, very new to me.

    It makes no sense and I would never do it again. You are simply allowing air into the system, which allows the pump to drop prime, then it must do extra work to re-prime.

    There have been some reason for it in the Pool Guy's mind but I don't think anyone hear on the forum has ever practiced that.

    What is your normal psi?
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    Re: Pump Questions.

    Well, I've flipped my water a couple of times, but I sure didn't do it on purpose!
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    Re: Pump Questions.

    That's a strange recommendation! You have an AGP, with flooded suction (I presume; pump below water level?), and report that your pump has no air til you "turn it over". It sounds to me like your pump works perfectly most of the time, and would work perfectly all the time if not for that.
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    Re: Pump Questions.

    LOL. Thanks for your answers. It was a brand new pool when he told us that, and the pump is NOT above the water, so I have no
    idea where he got that from. Every single person I have talked to said it is the craziest thing they have ever heard. LOL.

    Normal PSI is about 13, that is the level it ran at last year, and runs at the that level until performing the infamous "flipping over". I am going to install the new filter cartridge today, and not "flip over" the water and see what happens. He also told us to only clean our cartridge once a year (!!!!), so I am pretty sure he had no idea what he was talking about. Needless to say, our filter is falling apart from not taking care of it, so
    we are buying a new one, and now know to take care it often.

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