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Thread: My pool is a swamp help!

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    My pool is a swamp help!

    Hello i have recently moved into a house with a an in ground pool. It seems like the house has been vacant for awhile and the pool hasn't been touched for a decade. I have no idea what to do about the pool. The water was tested at a pool store and they said everything looks good. I don't know any of the information i am supposed to give. But we did shock it, backwash, and put that stuff that should make everything go to the bottom to be vacuumed but nothing worked. What should i do and how should i start?

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    Re: My pool is a swamp help! is a good place to start.

    You'll be wanting a test kitASAP. Don't waste time buying test strips or some cheapo kit at wallyworld. It won't test what you need to test, just wasting $$.

    There's way more good stuff in Pool School.
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    Re: My pool is a swamp help!

    Welcome to TFP!

    You should post the water test numbers the pool store gave you. Also, take a look at How to Shock Your Pool. Shocking is an ongoing process, not something you do once and then are done with.
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    Re: My pool is a swamp help!

    Ok here are my pool results: by the way the pool volume is 14,400
    Free Available Chlorine: 0.3
    Total Chlorine : 1.5
    Combined Chlorine: 1.2
    Total Alkalinity (Input): 97
    Total Alkalinity(Adjusted): 97
    pH level: 7.5
    Calcium hardness: 195
    cyanuric Acid: 8
    total dissolved solids: 0
    saturation index: 0.01

    also how would i lower the pH level?

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    Re: My pool is a swamp help!

    The PH and TA are fine.

    The only thing you need to focus on right now is getting your CYA/stabilizer level to 30 and begin to shock the pool.

    Continue shocking until your FC holds overnight, your CC is .5 or less and your water is sparkly.

    Once you meet these criteria and are done shocking you can finetune any other levels. As mentioned above, you'll need a good test kit
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    Re: My pool is a swamp help!

    Definitely get a good test kit. We got the TF-100 based on Pool School recommendation and it's awesome. Keep shocking and run your filter 24x7. It may not seem like your pool will ever clear up, but it will. Keep an eye on the filter too and backwash it often. We just finally got our swamp cleared and all it took was lots of testing, vacuuming, filtering, and lots of patience. Keep vacuuming the debris on the bottom to waste and scrub the sides daily.
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