I've been reading but want to verify something.

I basically only want to automate very simple setup. Money is a huge consideration. I've lived with simple controls for so many years some simple automation would be fabulous.

Main question is can the Suntouch and VF be programed to let the VF control the flow as it does by itself?

I want to control two 3-way Jandy valves and the VF for filter operation (using it's built in flow control) and higher flow for the suction side cleaner at one or two intervals a day. Currently VF is set to run filtering 23/7 and I manually stop that cycle to turn on vacuuming for certain period, then when that stops, start up filtering again.

The main power panel (manual two timer Intermec - timer one left on all time to power VF and timer two for booster pump, which now is left off as not currently using it) is above the deck about 12 ft from back door but I have to go down the steps, under the deck, around pipes, to operate the VF and valves. Filter is half way down the steps, out from under the deck but I still have to do a lot of going under the deck and back to filter for backwashing. And I really don't like going under the deck at night because of the snakes. The manual light switch is right by the main power box, which in actuality is the manual two timer Intermec. That's where the auto control box would go.

Currently I am running the suction cleaner via the skimmer and using the Vacuum function on the VF. I know you don't have all the built in protection using the Vacuum button but only do it when I can monitor the process. I will be converting my dedicated pressure return to a suction return and attaching the suction cleaner to the port (previously return).

Main thing is I want the VF to have its capability of flow control while running the vacuum cleaner and filter.

If I could use a fourth circuit to turn pool light on and off that would be great but not absolutely needed.

Thanks, gg=alice