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Thread: intelliflo 3050 + fns 60 issues need some advice

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    intelliflo 3050 + fns 60 issues need some advice

    Hello, I just installed a 3050 and a fns60. I keep getting air in my pump's hair/lent basket after several hours of running on 2100 rpm. I did have a pool company come out and give me a pressure test, He said no leaks. My pool was green with algae, He suggested my filter was back pressuring into the pump. Now my water is crystal clear and still have small bubbles that turn into an inch and bigger in the basket. Here is the kicker, when I shut the valve to the pool off and go to the spa the bubbles are sucked out, but will reappear after some time.

    The pumps owners manual says something about a check valve if I have a booster pump in series. I do have a booster pump for the spa, it looks like it goes directly to the spa to the booster, no filtering. When I turn on the spa function and the intelliflo is on I can hear air type noise from the blower. I replaced a hayward 2.5 hp pump and the glass was so fogged up in the basket I do not know if this has been going on forever or if its something to do with this new pump system.

    any help or ideas are appreciated.

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    Re: intelliflo 3050 + fns 60 issues need some advice

    If you are accumulating air in the pump basket, you have a suction side leak. That means you are sucking air into the sytem somewhere between the skimmers and the pump. Find that leak and the air will not reappear.

    It'll take some detective work and common sense. make sure all the drain plugs are snug in the bottom of the pump basket. See if you can see the smaller bubbles coming into the pump basket, if they come in from the pipe, you can start backwards from there.
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    Re: intelliflo 3050 + fns 60 issues need some advice

    i do see air bubbles but they look like they are coming from the lid, then possibly the impeller area
    I did lube the o ring and put the water hose around the edges to see if it was leaking but no luck.

    it did have an ozinator lamp, i took that out, could not find the actual ozinator machine that hooked to the lines.

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    Re: intelliflo 3050 + fns 60 issues need some advice

    My guess is that its in the threaded connection to the suction side. Was teflon tape used on your male fittings instead of thread sealant? This is a common installation error that can lead to very small suction side leaks.

    If there ozone was used, you should also check the condition of your o-rings (drain plug, lid). Ozone can eat up some o-rings and seals (ozone REALLY shouldn't be installed on the suction side, but a lot of builders do install it there). If you fix all of these things, its possible that your mechanical seal could have gone bad.
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    Re: intelliflo 3050 + fns 60 issues need some advice

    Hello, I used thread sealent with tfpe. I did try the teflon tape but I kept getting the air pockets. I switched to thread sealent on the suction side. on the outlet side i used teflon tape, I will use thread sealer tonight just to see if it is back feeding into the pump. The pump and filter are brand new so I cant fault them. I was reading a post about whirl winds in the skimmer baskets, I do have, may cause air to be drawn in. I was going to investigate that as well tonight.

    any other ideas please feel free, I can not turn my skimmers off to issolate a leak under ground.

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