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Thread: I feel so sick after swimming

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    I feel so sick after swimming

    I just got my water tested, it has .7ppm copper in the water, and 0 chlorine, stabilizer is at 100ppm.

    The pool was at 94 this morning after the guy came and turned the heater on. Each time I went in for a dip, even though it was super warm, I felt kind of out of it.

    I went in a couple hours ago and feel really out of it. Light headed, dizzy and someone else that went in also feels weird.

    I wonder if there is a ton of germs in there and is making us sick.

    We had to put in hth extra to get chlorine in it, the pucks aren't dissolving for some reason.

    My eyes slightly burn a bit when in it. Everything else is fine as far as chemistry according to the pool place that tested the water. It's at 7.6 ph.

    Any suggestions, input, thoughts? I feel sick!
    1) The size of pool in gallons = 30,000
    2) The type filter you have =sand
    3) Pool is an IG (in ground)
    4) IG = vinyl
    5) Don't know size of pump and the size (flow rate) of filter yet, will try to find out.

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    Re: I feel so sick after swimming

    94 is awful hot! That's hot-tub temperature! You could be giving yourself some sort of heat illness if you're actually swimming/exerting.

    And you need some Chlorine in there. Now. Like 4 gallons of bleach.

    Do you have a full test kit? That's going to be a must to keep the pool sanitary. Test strips are better than tasting the water, but that's about it. Get some readings and post them here, or plug 'em in the pool calculator and see what you need.
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    Re: I feel so sick after swimming

    You should post a full set of water test results.

    You shouldn't swim when chlorine is 0.

    CYA at 100 is too high, if that reading is correct. The solution is to replace water, which is fairly drastic. It would be good to have confirmation of the CYA level before starting on that.

    Copper at 0.7 is high enough that it could cause stains. Vinyl is fairly resistant to metal stains, but if you do get copper stains it might not be at all easy to remove them. Replacing water would also help the copper level.
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    Re: I feel so sick after swimming

    As Jason said, you should post a full set of numbers. Also let us know where you're located.

    Do you suspect metals? Do the pucks or HTH Extra you're using contain copper?

    How old is the pool and how old is the water?

    I ask those things because we were working on clearing my sisters pool and I told her to take a sample to the local pool stores and have it tested for metals. One place that i wasn't confident in told her she didn't have metals even though they didn't test for them. The other place gave her a readout that said she had high iron and high copper. I then told her to take a fresh sample of her tap water to the second place and have it tested and the readout they gave her almost exactly matched the earlier one they gave her. They even said that there was 20 ppm stabilizer in her tap water. The moral of the story is to be wary of the results if you have no reason to suspect the metals in there.
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    Re: I feel so sick after swimming

    speaking as a nurse

    94 can be warm, depending upon your underlying medical conditions.

    If you have high blood pressure and take meds, you may be causing your body to have low blood pressure as the added warmth will increase the size of your vascular compartments but generally unlikey at 94 degrees unless temps are cold in your area

    Generally temps over 101 degree, you should not be in the water for 15 minute, regardless of who you are, but that also depends upon where you live.
    Often people in warm weather regions can handle warmer temp much longer, while being unable to tolerate the colder range.

    Exposures to bacteria will usually not show for a few days, unless they enter into the blood stream. Then you will have an elevated temp, after cooling down from coming out of the water.

    Copper exposure also is usually long term and will result in decreased liver fuction

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