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Thread: Pool needs major repair need advice....

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    Pool needs major repair need advice....

    My girlfriend bought a house 3 years ago. The backyard had a pool that was built within the last 10 years. The first winter we had a small crack form in deck of the pool, the second year the skimmer cracked. The third year a crack formed around the light, the lining pulled away from the sides and the pool would no longer hold water. We didn't realize till the third year what was causing the problem, the far side of the pool was actually sinking. (We had thought that the cold weather had compacted and expanded the soil enough to cause the cracks)

    We contacted the insurance company and the people who installed the pool. The pool installers filled out a report to give to the insurance company, the insurance company sent a specialist of some sort and we were then notified that the insurance company would not cover repairs. Its fairly extensive and costly repairs.

    In this picture the pool is sinking towards the stair area which is closest in the picture. The whole side from the stairs to the right is 8+inches lower than the opposite side of the pool. The cement floor has cracked, plumbing has possible sheered away from the sides, the fiberglass panels have popped out of place etc...

    This is where the ground has sunk, to the right of the stairs.

    You can see the height difference on the other side of the pool.

    The age of the pool is less than 10 years. The quote to fix it is $8,900 that was from one of the head builders for the company who did the original construction, but he is doing the work solo with one or two other workers. They will being doing the work as private contractors not as part of the company(The company has full knowledge what they are doing) They said this would save on the cost of the repairs.

    The quote is $5000 up front, $3,000 when the liner goes in and $900 when the deck is poured.

    I'm going to type out the full quote now.

    "Reconstruction of in-ground pool walls shifting due to inherent ground construction. Removal of infected decking, pressure check and repair all plumbing of return lines and skimmer. Including and removal of main drain from system if bad. Hard(metal) plumbing to replace old plumbing (he said the the original leaks could have been caused by termites) Repair of concrete floor (which has cracked)Installation of new lining with factory warranty. (We can pick any liner from the catalog at cost) Repour of concrete"

    All work would be done by hand, hand digging around the half the pool, backfilled, grading of landscape to ensure proper water flow away from the house, support pins and linking with concrete to ensure the pool doesn't shift again.

    Well that was a mouthful, any advice before we proceed? I feel like the company really should have taken more responsibility for a pool less than 10 years old, but they say once the pool was maintained by another company they are free of responsibility. Saying it could have been closed improperly. I'm not convinced that getting the original company to do the repair is the best thing to do (although it may be the cheapest) but I don't really know how to go about finding a real pool repair expert to do the work. Any suggestions?
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    Re: Pool needs major repair need advice....

    Welcome to the forum.

    If the pool repair estimate faults "inherent ground conditions" as the cause, (perhaps) I don't see anything they are doing to prevent the same thing from happening again or that they have any responsibility in the future because the condition is inherent.

    The pool cracked because the ground around it was not solid enough to support a pool. If it was because they improperly did not compact fill dirt, (Likely) then the repair may be fine. However, it seems to me they are scooting out from any liability if it happens again because of that word "inherent".

    I would certainly get another opinion....perhaps more than one.
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    Re: Pool needs major repair need advice....

    Thanks for reply duraleigh. Does anyone know what credentials a reliable pool installer would have? That way when I call around I'll at least have a few things to ask about. I noticed that a few of the installers in our are don't have websites for their business which I don't think is necessarily a bad thing but it makes it hard to find out how qualified they are.

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    Stock pump/cartridge filter
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    Re: Pool needs major repair need advice....

    Pay a Engineering firm to test the load bearing capacity of the soil. Cost like 300 bucks. They do this when you lay the foundation for a building, and you likely have someone local that can run the test. What was the insurance companies determination as to the cause of the damage?
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    Re: Pool needs major repair need advice....

    I agree with Dave; it looks like improperly compacted backfill. Have you or any of your neighbors noticed similar ground subsidence/movement anywhere else nearby, at any time in the past?
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    Re: Pool needs major repair need advice....

    Hey MITS, There is definitely some weird ground issues in this neighborhood. Its a big development built on relatively sandy soil. Some neighbors have told me that they never pulled the stumps outs and now they rot away leaving sink holes (I've never heard of this but it makes sense i guess.) I will see what it will cost to have an engineer come and look at it. If it does have to due with being improperly back filled what should be my course of action? Do I get another company to do the repairs and have them document what was done wrong, get the engineers to do a written description of the issues and take the company to court over it? Not sure how i should handle this.
    Intex 18' x 48" < 5,593 gal
    Stock pump/cartridge filter
    Rare actual working hang on skimmer *keeping fingers crossed*

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