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Thread: Trichlor: Is it really that bad ???

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    Trichlor: Is it really that bad ???

    Hello all, First time poster but have been around for a while reading the wealth of knowledge that this group has to offer. I have been taking care of pools for a long time but, until recently, was not aware of the BBB method. Until this point, I have been a faithful mom and pop pool store customer and it has worked well for me. Other than the cost and the effect on CYA levels, is there really anything wrong with using Trichlor < hiding from the flying flames >

    I know that is a naughty word around here but I am just curious. I have recently finished an install of a 20x38 kidney and I am trying to learn as much as I can about Chemistry as this is the pool I hope to have forever.

    Thanks for the information.


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    Re: Trichlor: Is it really that bad ???

    Welcome to the forum.

    There's nothing wrong with using trichlor as long as you are aware of how it affects your pool - increasing the CYA along with decreasing pH and TA. BBB is about understanding how your pool works, and testing/monitoring your pool so you can know under which circumstances it is ok to use trichlor and when you shouldn't.
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    Re: Trichlor: Is it really that bad ???

    Welcome to TFP.

    Trichlor is great. It adds chlorine conveniently while also adding CYA. The problem is that you usually need chlorine and CYA in different proportions than trichlor adds them. If using trichlor, you have to keep an eye on your CYA level and be ready to either drain and replace water or switch to a non-stabilized chlorine source as needed to maintain a manageable CYA level. My pool uses trichlor pucks at a rate that results in about a 7.5ppm rise in CYA every week. For a 12 week pool season, that would be 90ppm added. Longer seasons make that worse, and any existing CYA at the beginning of the season needs to be accounted for.

    Same is true for Calcium-Hypochlorite. It adds calcium along with chlorine. It's fine as long as you watch your calcium level.
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    Re: Trichlor: Is it really that bad ???

    I know someone that maintained a pool using only trichlor. They drained their pool every fall so they did not have problems with CYA excessive buildup. How often do you plan to drain your pool?

    I have found using trichlor convenient when we go on vacation. The acid the trichlor adds offsets the pH raise caused by a SWG.

    We stopped using trichlor to save money. Pool stores push trichlor to avoid competing on price for bleach. If money is no object and you are willing to drain your pool use anything that you want.
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    Re: Trichlor: Is it really that bad ???

    I have trichlor in a floater right now. In some situations, there is nothing wrong with using it at all. TFP and the methods we preach are more about proper testing and the knowledge to understand what to do with those test results. The specific chemicals are secondary - we just happen to like cheap stuff....LOL
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