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Thread: super-cloudy water

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    super-cloudy water

    Alk 200
    pH 7.2
    FC 10
    CC 2
    calcium 260
    CYA - not sure, but after almost total refill, have added 6 1-lb. bags of di-chlor (I am out of CYA reagent right now)

    Any advice would be appreciated. Water is a pretty light green but you can't see the second step after almost a week of running the filter 24 hours a day.

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    Re: super-cloudy water

    CC of 2 tells you you have contaminants. I'd raise your FC to 15 and hold it there until you get rid of the CC or find out what your CYA is so you can choose an appropriate shock level.
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    Re: super-cloudy water

    6 lbs of dichlor will have raised CYA by between 20 and 25. Until you can get your CYA tested, you could assume that CYA was around 30 (or 40+ if the old water had a high CYA level).
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    Re: super-cloudy water

    Quote Originally Posted by queenofmyswamp
    CYA - not sure, but after almost total refill, have added 6 1-lb. bags of di-chlor (I am out of CYA reagent right now)
    Have you placed an order yet? You will really need to know what the CYA level is so you'll know how high your shock level is.

    Your TA is way too high. You need to add some muriatic acid to drop your PH to around 7.0-7.2, then aerate the water. As that happens the PH will rise and TA will drop. Keep dropping PH and aerating until TA gets between 70-90.

    And you need to get your FC to around 16 and hold it there until CC=0.

    Get a cheap stocking/hose and put on the skimmer basket and it will capture more of the algae particles.

    Running the filter alone is not going to clear the pool.
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