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Thread: Need to purchase a new pump - Recommendations?

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    Need to purchase a new pump - Recommendations?

    Ok, guys, I've done a few searches before posting, but I think I'm even more confused now than when we started, so I'm just going to ask!

    We need to replace our old pump - it was a Water Ace RSP10, 1hp. Our pool is only about 11k gallons - 12ft x 40ft, 3ft deep the entire length.

    It seems to me that we could go to a 3/4 hp pump without any problems, right? Can someone just tell me which pump they would recommend? I need to order one asap and I'm just feeling a bit overwhelmed with the choice. We want to keep the price low (of course). Someone on another thread recommended this ... 274&sr=8-1 Neiko pump, but there don't seem to be any reviews on it. Maybe a too good to be true thing, considering how cheap it is?

    Thanks for your input!
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    Re: Need to purchase a new pump - Recommendations?

    Can you give us a little more info? Do you have a cleaner of any kind? What kind of electric rates do you have? (If you don't know that, where do you live?)

    That info can make a difference.
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    Re: Need to purchase a new pump - Recommendations?

    Things to consider,

    1- The voltage of your existing pump. ( must be correct.)

    2- Your in-ground pool uses a self priming pump. Be sure it is otherwise it wont work.

    3- Your suction and discharge piping size.

    4- Sometimes cost less actually cost more in the long run.

    5- cost upfront from least to most single speed, 2 speed, and variable speed. Higher quality price can be offset by savings in electric bills.

    Make sure you are weighing apples to apples. I use a hayward single speed pump because thats what the pool had when I bought the house. It has worked fine so far, but when I remodel the pool next year it will be replaced with a variable speed pump. Hayward is on my short list so far.
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    Re: Need to purchase a new pump - Recommendations?

    Thanks for the feedback so far.

    I'm not sure of our electric rates, but we live in Southern Oregon. I have been absolutely shocked by our electricity consumption in this house (we've lived here for 3 years). Now, I'm wondering if part of that is the pool pump? I'm thinking the other piece is the fact that we have two older water heaters, but I had never even thought about the pump being a big part of the problem until now. I'm very interested in a more energy efficient pump, to see if that makes a difference at all.

    Our suction and discharge pipe size is 1.5". Voltage of existing pump is 115v.

    With those pieces in mind, is there a specific model/brand that you could point me to? Also, do you find it's worth the savings to order from an online source? If so, are there any you'd recommend?

    Thanks again!
    12x40x3 IG lap pool, vinyl liner. 26" sand filter, 1HP pump.

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    Re: Need to purchase a new pump - Recommendations?

    I dropped the ball about getting a pump the last couple of days, and so I've called my two local stores to see what they have in stock. One has a 3/4hp Sta-Rite pump for $450, the other has a 3/4hp Pentair WhisperFlow for $399. Thinking I'll just go ahead and pick up the Pentair. Any thoughts?
    12x40x3 IG lap pool, vinyl liner. 26" sand filter, 1HP pump.

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    Re: Need to purchase a new pump - Recommendations?

    We recently installed a pentair whisperflow and so far it has worked great! It is very quiet and primes up very quickly. Our model has the ability to be wired up in either 120v or 240v.
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    Re: Need to purchase a new pump - Recommendations?

    Those seem pretty pricey, I would look to pay close to 250 for those pumps unless those were 2 speed pumps you mentioned.
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