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Thread: Blue to Green (Twice) now milky cloudy

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    Blue to Green (Twice) now milky cloudy

    Abbridged version:

    24000gallons vinyl

    green bog with tons of leaves - all removed - shocked until clear water - all organics gone. Minor staining. Lowered CL to 0 and hit with AA. Beautiful (for 2 days).[I did not add metal free]. First white cloud showed up and started adding liquid chlorine and it turned green before my eyes. After a few days water cleared but staining was back - I repeated the AA treatment. Beautiful again - until white cloud showed back up.

    Broke the golden rule and went to Pool Shop ($150.00 later) I hit with 10lbs shock , copper algecide, blue clarifier. Guess what first white cloud turned green and now its back to white. I have a bottle of metal free - but I don't know if I should add it or try and vacuum what I can't see. (2 AA treatment unvacuumed so far) plus granular shock.

    Here are my current numbers
    PH 8.1
    CYA 0
    CL 0
    FC 0
    ALK 154
    Hardness 159
    Pool Store said it tested negative for metals (but seemed like it probably has metals)

    They said to add 6.5 lbs stabilizer

    Last year using the BBB I had the best looking water in 5 years (PLEASE help me get back...)

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    Re: Blue to Green (Twice) now milky cloudy

    You definitely need to add stabilizer. Add MA until pH is in normal zone. Bring you FC up to 10 (shock level) until overnight drop is 0.5 ppm or less. Try removing all fittings, ladders, lights etc. Brush everything.
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    Re: Blue to Green (Twice) now milky cloudy

    First, you need to get things under proper control. To do that, as dschlic1 said, you need to lower the PH to around 7.2 and start bringing CYA up to between 30 and 50. Then you can shock the pool.
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    Re: Blue to Green (Twice) now milky cloudy

    Just added MA & the little bit of AA(less than 1/2 lb) I had left -
    Looking better in less than 2 minutes. I will check the PH in 1 hour.
    The stabilizer bottle stated to add to the skimmer & DO not backwash for 48 hours.
    Should I vacuum the bottom before adding stabilzer (it definately needs vacuuming)?

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