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Thread: Another new pool owner with questions

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    Another new pool owner with questions

    I just purchase a home that has an in-ground Shasta pool. I had a pool repair person come out and explain how everything works, and then had a friend come out that has a pool and he told me something opposite. I know I should believe the professional, but I wonder what to believe because I already caught the pool guy in a lie. He installed a salt chlorinator and right now the PPM level is at 5100 and he told me it is at 4000 which is not true. Anyway, this is not the question I am asking at this time.

    My question is what the pool valves I should leave open or close. I don't have a close up picture of what I have, but will do the best to explain them.

    The valves are label in the following, main, cleaning, return, aerator. The pool repair told me to leave the return and cleaning value open and I should never need to turn them. The aerator is the obvious one, but here is the difference between what the professional said and what my friend said. The professional told me that I would need to adjust the main value for the skimmer and vacuum. If the vacuum bottom cleaner is not moving enough adjust the main valve to increase the suction. He also said that I can keep the flap on the vacuum closed when the hose is not connected and when I need to use the cleaner just to ply it open and connect the hose. My friend said I should keep it open when the hose is not connected, but turn it off when the kids are in the pool which seemed to be controlled by the cleaning valve which the profession said not to touch. I am confused on what I should be doing at this point.

    1) Should I keep the vacuum port covered unless the hose is connected and only use the main valve to adjust the skimmer and vacuum?
    2) Should I keep the vacuum port open and shut it off when the kids are in the pool?
    3) Should I keep the main valve open so the skimmer is working at full capacity and then just adjust the cleaning valve.

    Hopefully this all make sense to you guru's out there.

    P.S. I will be back-washing tomorrow due to over salting that the professional did, so I can bring it down from 5100 to 3000 PPM.

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    Re: Another new pool owner with questions

    Welcome to TFP Jake I'm not a inground pool expert yet, but somone should be along shortly to assist.
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    Re: Another new pool owner with questions

    A picture of the plumbing would certainly help, even if it takes a little time to get it.

    I'm having a hard time picturing everything. Which of the named valves are on the suction side of the pump? For certain, you don't want your wall suction to be pulling when there are people in the pool. You can either cover it or turn the valve, it's really whatever you prefer.
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    Re: Another new pool owner with questions

    There is more than one way to do things. It sounds like you got partial descriptions of two different approaches.

    You do not want the cleaner port open and turned on while people are in the pool. You can avoid that in more than one way, either closing the flap or turning off the valve.

    You may indeed need to turn the skimmer valve part of the way off to get the pool cleaner to work correctly, or you might not. The only way to find out is to experiment. If you do need to close it part way to get the cleaner to work correctly, you will want to open it up when not using the cleaner.

    With a picture or two we can explain more things.
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