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Thread: What size is my filter

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    What size is my filter

    Hi All

    I'm going to try using Fiber Clear this year and the bag tells you how much to use depending on how many square feet your filter is. I have a Proline DE model 40 filter. It is 10 years old, and while the owners manual technically exists, finding it wold be better left to someone like Indiana Jones.

    I measured the grids. there are 4 @ 8.5" x 12" and 2 @ 7" x 12". that equals 4' x 1' times 2 sides which equals 8 squre feet. Is this right? What has me confused is the chart on the bag starts at 24 sq feet. That is a long way from 8. If my math is right I can just use 1/3 of the amount in the chart.

    It is a 15' round above ground pool if that matters.

    Thanks for your help

    SE Pa (Philly area), 8 yr old 15' round AGP, 5300 gal, DE filter.

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    Re: What size is my filter

    Proline DE model 40 = 40 square feet? I thought that was the typical numbering scheme. All the ripples and curves and wrinkles add to the surface area.
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    Re: What size is my filter

    I would agree, 8 square feet is still 1/3 of 24 sq.ft in NJ too! So 1/3 the amount for a 24 square foot recommended amount would be the appropriate initial amount. Expect 10% to remain after backwashing so reduce recharges accordingly until you clean the grids again.

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    Re: What size is my filter

    Thanks MITS. That is what I first thought. Model 40 = 40 sq ft But, the grids are flat with a sock over them. There are no curves or wrinkles.

    Thanks Scott.

    I guess another way I could double check is the filter uses 3 scoops of DE. The Fiber Clear website says it takes 1/8 the amount of FC. So 3/8 of a scoop should do it.

    SE Pa (Philly area), 8 yr old 15' round AGP, 5300 gal, DE filter.

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