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Thread: Advice for No CYA and Green Pool

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    Advice for No CYA and Green Pool

    Opened up to my normal green pool (can't seem to get around it with the new mesh cover). Only issue is this year my CYA was 0 for the first time ever. I know I shouldn't start shocking until I can raise it until at least 20 ppm. The problem is that I know I shouldn't backwash while adding stabilizer, yet the algae is bad so the filter is needing a lot of backwashing. The pressure raises quite a bit.

    Any advice? So far a day hasn't seen an appreciable increase in CYA for me.



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    Re: Advice for No CYA and Green Pool

    There is no reason to wait to shock while increasing the CYA.

    We recommend the sock method for adding CYA - put about 2 lbs in a sock and tie it off in front of a return, where it will dissolve so you can backwash without losing CYA.

    Until you get CYA your shock level would be 10.

    It takes up to 5-7 days for CYA to fully dissolve and register on tests - testing for it sooner just wastes reagent.

    So I'd just disregard what you added to the filter, get a sock full going, start shocking and backwashing.

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    Once the CYA has dissovled from the sock, assume that is your level. So if you add enough CYA to reach 30, once it is gone from the sock your level is 30, and your shock level then becomes 12.... makes sense?
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    Re: Advice for No CYA and Green Pool

    Yes, that's clear. Thanks so much for the help!


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