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Thread: Anyone heard of a pump noise reducer called the Serene+

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    Anyone heard of a pump noise reducer called the Serene+

    I would like to reduce the pump noise somewhat as the equipment pad is between my house and my neighbors. I came across this product here and was wondering if anyone has heard of it or has tried it?
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    Re: Anyone heard of a pump noise reducer called the Serene+

    I like how it doesnt look like they are covering the motor end for heat reasons.

    But I have to question how well that works.....doesnt the motor end make the most noise?

    You can probably get almost as good performance out of building your own "enclosure" from the pink ridgid foam insulation at HD/Lowes. I would make it larger than necessary and make sure its vented very well to prevent heat build up, but its at least worth a shot (one sheet would probably be plenty to build the box and its not really that expensive)

    Ive also always wondered if maybe adding some bushes/shrubs around the equipment pad would help absorb sound, added bonus being it would hide the equipment too.
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    Re: Anyone heard of a pump noise reducer called the Serene+

    My pump is close to my house and the neighbors and the shrubs definitely make a large difference. Pic attached. Its kind of behind the topiary where the white flowering bush is located. I have a bush thats about 6-8 ft tall on both sides of the pump and in the summer it canopys the pool equipment. Helps with noice, easy on the eyes, plus helps shade it from heavy rain and the sun.

    Hope that helps!
    Chad R.

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    Re: Anyone heard of a pump noise reducer called the Serene+

    I wouldn't expect much from it. If you read the literature it states that it's made to reduce the cavitation noises of the pump. The problem I have with that is that very few pool pumps have cavitation so the very thing it's designed to reduce doesn't normally happen.

    You'd be better off building a small insulated building over the equipment.
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    Re: Anyone heard of a pump noise reducer called the Serene+

    Not only that but if the pump did have cavitation, it would destroy the impeller over time so it is something that should be eliminated not just quieted.

    What they probably mean is to reduce the internal pump noise caused by circulation within the pump. This can be quite loud on it's own if flow rate is high. The best way to reduce pump noise is to reduce the flow rate with either a two speed or variable speed pump. Even a lower HP pump or impeller will reduce the noise.
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