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Thread: Help ammonia

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    Help ammonia

    So I just figured out I probably have ammonia. I have now added 5 pounds of cal hypo and 3 gallons of 6% bleach and still no fc in a 11,500 gallon pool. UGH! My kids thought it would be fun to throw a few hundred rocks in my pool and I read somewhere that soil bacteria is what usually does the CYA to ammonia conversion. Can't vacuum the debris off the bottom until I can see it well enough to get all the rocks out. Have been filtering and working on this pool for almost a week now and still not much difference. So question, how much time should I wait in between each addition to see if I have finished shocking? I have still not one time had a fc above 0. Also every time I add chlorine the pool fizzes up and I am assuming is realising some unpleasant gases. Is this in any way dangerous because me and the dogs have been around it a lot this evening.

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    Re: Help ammonia

    just keep adding liquid chlorine...are you sure it is ammonia, have you checked your CYA level? Sounds like you haven't even started shocking. Shocking a pool means bringing your FC level up to shock level and holing it there for some time. Given you can't raise your FC, your need to keep adding liquid chlorine, until the ammonia is consumed and you can get an FC reading.
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    Re: Help ammonia

    My CYA was 0 when I tested a few days ago. Added about 2lbs of CYA yesterday, haven't retested since then. Found my old water testing kit for ammonia and it is looking like around .8ppm, although it is a very old kit and that is the highest it goes. So yeah, pretty sure that is the problem. I am now at 5pds cal hypo, 4gals 6% bleach tonight. 5lbs in the last week pryor to tonight. plus some floater pucks. Any idea how much this is gonna take? Anyone know the calculation to figure it out? I would really rather not empty and refill, but I will if that is the better option.

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    Re: Help ammonia

    Liquid Chlorine. Bleach. Lots of it. Go Buy out WalMart.
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    Re: Help ammonia

    If you know the ammonia level, the you need about 8 to 10 times that much chlorine just to take care of the ammonia. There may well be other things in the water using chlorine along with the ammonia.

    Wait half an hour to an hour between chlorine additions, longer if the FC level hasn't fallen dramatically after your wait.
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