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Thread: cloudy green water

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    cloudy green water

    Hello I am a 8 month old pool owner in south fl.pool is cloudy for 4 days now and green in the last 24 hours i did the following
    took water sample to pool store he told me chlorine was good ,and ph was good ,stabalizer was fine and water hardness was at 300 and to stop using chlorine tablets from walmart. I have been adding liquid chlorine shock from home dep. and muratic acid from home dep.all winter with no problems untill now the temperature is in the 80s.

    I have added 2lbs of powder shock, 2 quarts of muratic acid,5lbs of stabilizer and 5lbs of calicum. Cartridge filter is new and clean another home dep. replacement part. I can say now the chlorine is a 3.0 and ph is like 7.4 reading from basic test kit
    any suggestions ?? Johnnysouth
    pool size 16,000
    Jandy cartridge filter
    IG with spa and waterfall
    Diamond brite blue
    Jandy 1.5 hp 125gpm
    hayward navigator cleaner

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    Re: cloudy green water

    Have you read pool school? VERY helpful info there!
    Location: East TN
    ? 15x30 Lomart Above ground

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    Re: cloudy green water

    Welcome to TFP!

    Firstly, we need to know all of your test results. Please include TC, FC, CH, CYA, pH, and TA.

    Getting a good test kit is a must, especially when your pool is green. With the TF-100 (link in my signature line), you can never go wrong. Your results will be more accurate than a pool store can give you and you won't have to depend on running up to the pool store every day.

    A good area for you to start is the Defeating Algae section. Also, reading the Pool School articles in general is required.

    So get all your numbers and post back here with them and we will go from there.

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    Re: cloudy green water

    Do you have the specifics of the pool store test...? That information will be necessary to help you further.

    Additionally, as the above person mentioned, read, read, reread pool school. Check out the pool calculator linked in my signature. Stock up on regular 6% unscented bleach, you'll need it. And don't add anything else to the pool until further information is given. In fact, set aside all unopened, unused things you've purchased and prepare them for return to the pool store if you can. The test results are important but more important will be you taking control of your pool by getting a quality test kit of your own. In pool school there is a sheet that compares test kits this site recommends. It is the single most important tool to effective pool management.

    You are in good hands here. I've never been as happy a pool owner as I am right now. Welcome to TFP! You'll be happy soon too!!!

    (whoopsie! Not fast enough! lol)
    Backyard pool-less, but used to be.....
    16,100 gallon, 18x38 3.5 ft deep oval AG, Vinyl, Sand, 1hp pump Liquidator TFT100 test kit

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