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Thread: Old Purex Sand Filter: Rebuild or Replace

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    Old Purex Sand Filter: Rebuild or Replace

    Hi this is my first post. I am about half way into my second year as a pool owner.This Forum has been a great help to me so far.

    I have an old Purex "Tahitian" HR 25 sand filter (1987) that I need to do something with. The previous owner must have damaged the threaded hole in the valve for the pressure gauge as the gauge has been removed and the hole epoxied over. So I have been working without a gauge. I've back flushed about half a dozen times since Dec. 08 and I haven't any real issues with it except that from my perspective I don't think it filters as well as it might, and it does discharge a very small amount of sand (between a tsp. and a tbsp.) every once and a while. The filter quality issue for me is noticeable at night with the light on. There just seems to be more particulate in the water than I have seen in my friend's pools.

    The previous owner kept every receipt and instruction manual for the 40+ years that he maintained the pool and looking through them there is no indication that the filter sand was ever changed. There is one cryptic receipt from 1993 that suggests that the valve was replaced, but nothing other than that.

    I'd like to open this filter up, clean it out and replace the sand as discussed elsewhere on the forum. I am guessing I probably should replace the laterals as well. I'd also like to fix the missing gauge issue. I am contemplating trying to re drill and tap the gauge port but I am not that optimistic about it. There is a newer design replacement rotary valve, and laterals kit available. The valve and laterals cost about $275.00 plus shipping. (Unions for this valve are another $42.00.) A whole new comparable filter isn't that much more, but getting this one out of the mechanical room where it is located will be a major deal, requires emptying the sand anyway. There doesn't seem to have been any real improvement in sand filter technology in the last 25 years. The only real reason I see for a new filter is that apparently this is the last of the replacement valve stock as the mfg. has discontinued it.

    So, should I rebuild this filter or get a new one?

    For replacement a Waterco S600 has been recommended. Any thoughts on this brand and future parts availability?

    What about alternative filter media, zeo.....? (NEVER MIND!)

    People here are really pushing cartridge filters, but I'm not convinced it is the way to go for me. Filter removal in my mechanical room would be a real chore. I know they don't like the idea of backwash to waste here but how is this different than cleaning filter media and sending that to waste?

    Any other suggestions are greatly appreciated.

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    Re: Old Purex Sand Filter: Rebuild or Replace

    Unless you are getting sand in the pool- I wouldn't worry with the laterals. I would probably replace sand and drill out the hole for the gauge to 1/2, thread, then use a brass reducing bushing for a 1/4 " threaded gauge.

    Something like this: ... ng$y=0$x=0

    I wouldn't mess with anything else unless I needed to.

    I would go as cheap as possible on any repairs and set a limit (say $75) where if repairs exceed that- I would just replace.
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